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Line of Christ, lineage of Joseph, line of Judah,   Matthew 1:1-16.

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Name Meaning of name Comments
14 generations
Abraham father of a multitude First patriarch of Israel and model of faithfulness to the Jews.
Isaac laughter Promised son of Abraham by wife Sarah.
Jacob supplanter, (deceiver) Deceived his brother out of his birth-right, later known as Israel.
Judah Praise Fourth son of Jacob by wife Leah, start of 12 tribes.
Perez Breakthrough Firstborn twin son of Judah by Tamar.
Hezron Enclosure Son of Perez.
Ram High and Exalted son of Hezron
Amminadab My people are noble The father of Elisheba, Aaron's wife (Exodus 6:23).
Nahshon Meaning is unknown Leader of tribe of Judah during 40 years of wandering in the wilderness.
Salmon Peaceable son of Nahshon
Boaz Strength Honorable man of Bethlehem from tribe of Judah. became the husband of Ruth.
Obed Worshiper Son of Boaz and Ruth.
Jesse Meaning is unknown Father of eight sons and two daughters, including King David.
David Beloved 2nd king of the Hebrew people, (Israel), writer of many psalms.
14 generations
Solomon Peaceful 3rd King of Israel, built Temple, authored Proverbs, Song of Solomon, Ecclesiastes.
Rehoboam The people are enlarged Last king of united Israel and first king southern kingdom, (Judah), 17 year reign.
Abijah The Lord is my Father 2nd king of Judah, 3 years reign, died in fulfillment of Abijah's prophesy.
Asa Healer 3rd king of Judah, 41 year reign, grandson of King Rehoboam and Maachah.
Jehoshaphat The Lord is judge 4th king of Judah, 25 year reign, became king at age 35.
Joram Jehovah is exalted 5th king of Judah, 8 year reign.
Uzziah Jehovah is strong 10th king of Judah, 52 year reign, became king at age 16.
Jotham Jehovah is perfect 11th king of Judah, 19 year reign, built temple gate, strengthened wall of Ophel.
Ahaz He has grasped 12th king of Judah, 16 year reign overlapped with his fathers, became king at age 20.
Hezekiah Jehovah is strength 13th king of Judah, 29 year reign.
Manasseh Causing to forget 14th king of Judah, 55 year reign, became king at age 12.
Amon Faithful 15th king of Judah, 2 year reign, became king at age 22.
Josiah Meaning is unknown 16th king of Judah, 31 year reign, became king at age 8.
Jeconiah the Lord establishes 19th king of Judah, 3 month reign, then carried into captivity in Babylon.
14 generations
Shealtiel I asked of God King of Judah.
Zerubbabel Begotten in Babylon head of tribe of Judah, returned from captivity in Babylonian, rebuilt second temple.
Abiud my father is majesty son of Zerubbabel
Eliakim God is setting up son of Abiud
Azor Helper son of Eliakim
Zadok just, righteous son of Azor
Achim Troubles son of Zadok
Eliud God is majestic son of Achim
Eleazar God is helper son of Eliud
Matthan Gift of God son of Eleazar
Jacob supplanter, (deceiver) son of Matthan
Joseph May God add the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus the Christ.
Jesus Christ