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Line of Christ, lineage of Mary, line of Judah,   Luke 3 .

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Name Meaning of name Comments
Jesus Christ Jehovah is salvation supposed to be the son of Joseph
Joseph may God add son of Heli
Heli God is high son of Matthat
Matthat gift of God son of Melchi
Melchi my king son of Janna
Janna meaning unknown son of Joseph
Joseph may God add son of Mattathiah
Mattathiah gift of Jehovah son of Amos
Amos burden bearer son of Nahum
Nahum compassionate son of Esli
Esli meaning unknown son of Naggai
Naggai splendor of the sun son of Maath
Maath small son of Mattatiah
Mattatiah gift son of Semei
Semei meaning unknown son of Joseph
Joseph may God add son of Judah
Judah praise son of Joannas
Joannas God given son of Rhesa
Rhesa prince son of Zerubbabel
Zerubbabel offspring of Babylon tribe of Judah, return from Babylon, started rebuilding the temple.
Shealtiel I asked of God son of Neri
Neri lamp is Jehovah son of Melchi
Melchi my king son of Addi
Addi festal Greek name for Iddo
Cosam diviner son of Elmodam
Elmodam meaning unknown son or Er
Er watchful son of Jose
Jose Jehovah is savior son of Eliezer
Eliezer God is helper Ancestor of Joseph, husband of Mary.
Jorim Jehovah is exalted son of Matthat
Matthat gift of God son of Levi
Levi joined son of Simeon
Simeon God hears son of Judah
Judah praise son of Joseph
Joseph may God add Sold into Egypt, became second under Pharaoh over all of Egypt.
Jonan Jehovah has been gracious son of Eliakim
Eliakim god is setting up son of Melea
Melea meaning unknown son of Menan
Menan meaning unknown son of Mattathah
Mattathah gift son of Nathan
Nathan gifted A prophet during the reign of David and Solomon.
David beloved David killed Goliath, King of Judah and later became king of all the Hebrew people
Jesse meaning unknown father of eight sons.
Obed worshiper son of Boaz
Boaz strength A wealthy and honorable man, became husband of Ruth
Salmon peaceable son of Nahshon
Nahshon meaning unknown leader of the tribe of Judah during the wilderness wanderings.
Amminadab my people is noble The father of Elisheba, Aaron's wife, Exodus 6:23
Ram high, exalted son of Hezron
Hezron enclosure son of Perez
Perez breakthrough First born twin son of Judah by Tamar
Judah praise fourth son of Jacob by his wife Leah, Judah and Tamar story.
Jacob a supplanter Start of twelve tribes, Genesis 29, dream Jacob's ladder
Isaac laughter Married Rebekah at 40 years, begot Jacob at 60 years.
Abraham father of a multitude Great Patriarch, at age 75 went to a foreign land, by faith offered up his son Isaac
Terah meaning unknown son of Nahor
Nahor meaning unknown son of Serug
Serug branch son of Reu
Reu friend son of Peleg
Peleg division lived during time of tower of babel
Eber on the other side of- son of Shelah
Shelah prayer son of Cainan
Cainan possessor son of Arphaxad
Arphaxad one who heals lived 438 years
Shem renown Shem and his wife, two of the eight on the Ark.
Noah rest Built the Ark, and saved eight from the flood.
Lamech meaning unknown begot Noah at 182 years, lived 777 years.
Methuselah he dies, the flood is sent begot Lamech at 187 years, lived 969.
Enoch Consecrated Begot Methuselah at 65 years, walked with God, then God took him, Genesis 5:24
Jared descent begot Enoch at 162 years, lived 962.
Mahalalel the praise of God begot Jared at 65 years, lived 895 years.
Cainan possessor begot Mahalalel at 70 years, lived 910
Enos Consecrated begot Cainan at 90 years, live 905 years.
Seth foundation begot Enos at 105 years, live 912 years.
Adam Red earth the first man, begot Seth at 130 years, lived 930 years