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1st Corinthians 4:20
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66 books of the Bible

39 Old Testament 27 New Testament
Pentateuch Pentateuch
The first 5 books
Gospels of Jesus Christ The Gospels
Old Testament History O.T. History
12 books in all
book of Acts, early church history Church History
Bible Poetry Poetry
5 books of love.
Epistles, new testament instructional letters Instructional letters
21 books in all
Prophets major and minor & prophecy Prophets & Prophesy
5 Major / 12 Minor
Revelation of Jesus Christ Prophesy

These pages have been made as an aid to my personal Bible study.

The Bible is a fascinating book; it contains all types of human emotions, situations, circumstances, decisions, both bad and good, their cause and effects.

It is my hope that these pages will generate further interest, for others, in the scriptures. I encourage all to read and study the scriptures for themselves.