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1stCorinthians 4:20
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instructions to print four postcards on an 8 * 11" sheet of postcard stock

  1. A presentation program such as: MicroSoft / PowerPoint ™,   or OpenOffice / Impress ™,   etc. is required to read and print the post cards.
    OpenOffice is Open-Source software, free to the public. Download OpenOffice.
  2. Load the slides / postcard into your presentation program:
    On the previous page, click on the postcard you wish to download; Your installed presentation program will load the two slides, (front & back of the post card).
  1. Print the postcards out, (front & back, double-sided):
    Each file contains two slides; The slides are sized to print on a 8½ * 11" sheet of postcard stock, perforated into quarters, as shown, four postcards per page.
sample page
Note: since most printers do not print to the edge of the page, if printing a card with a full border, the edges may not get printed.

instructions to download a 4 * 6", 300dpi, graphical (.jpg) file

  1. On the previous page, click on the desired postcard.
  2. Then follow instructions to save the graphical files, both front and back on your computer.
  3. There are several on-line printing companies that will accept artwork for a 4 * 6", 300dpi, postcard.

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