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The kingdom of God is not in word but in power!
1st Corinthians 4:20
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Words, His and ours This Man Called Jesus The Birth of Christ The Sacrifice of Praise Unchangeable nature of God The True Character of God The Great Exchange Faith, what is faith? Resting in Christ Jesus Prerequisites to healing Entering His rest The many names of God The Promises of God Peace between God & man God wants you well God's grace Jesus, the Living Word Just one Sacrifice The kingdom is at hand The kingdom is within you Prayers of the Apostle Paul Who's believed our report? Hebrew foundation Our joy in Christ Jesus Our New Covenant Story of the Cross The case for faith Treasure in earthen vessels Words, our's and His knowing God's will who we are in Christ? Teach us to pray the true worshipers the fear of the Lord Relationship with God Look up A Child is born, a Son given Prayer becomesing praise We are one Spirit Simply believe It's all about Jesus Scriptures on healing Close the Door The power of thought Our God of hope Disciples Peter and John One Must Believe by Faith Unity of the believer forgive and be forgiven Teaching: on praise the abundant life Man's free will,the battle The Dominion of the Seed Christianity: faith confession God said, and God saw. The Father's love (3) baptisms Quantum Faith Jesus is the true Light The Power of Forgiveness Principles of Faith Healing Grace Resurrection Power Mind Stayed upon Jesus The Perfect Father It's a legal matter Our Mind Stayed on . . . Hardness of heart, what is it Past, Present, Future: YES When the offence comes God's plan and the cross New begginings Give Thanks and Praise Forgive and be Forgiven Gospel Authority Courts of Heaven The Earth Lease The reason for faith Pease, I leave with you Recieving the abundant life God said, do the same Wisdom, the principle thing God's plan for mankind The Grace message The kingdom keys God's goodness Faith, is not an option PRAISE, secret to victory Simply believe A more sure Word The great exchange God's kingdom, what is it? Made in the image of God The Godhead, three in One What do yo truely believe