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Stones of the Ephod within the breastplate,     Exodus2nd Samuel 28:17-21.

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Aaron's breastplate

Twelve stones each set in a gold setting placed on a piece of material, (cloth), nine inches square. Each stone had one of the twelve tribes of Israel engraved on it. Gem-stones are used in this example, the exact color of the stones is not known since stones can vary greatly in their colors.

There were four rows of stones:
1st row: a Sardius, a Topaz and an Emerald.
2nd row: a Turquoise, a Sapphire and a Diamond.
3rd row: a Jacinth, a Agate and a Amethyst.
4th row: a Beryl, a Onyx and a Jasper.

To see the names of the tribes and the type of stones, roll your mouse over each stone.
Sardius stone, tribe of Ruben Topaz stone, tribe of Simeon Emerald stone, tribe of Levi Turquoise stone, tribe of Judah Sapphire stone, tribe of Dan Diamond stone, tribe of Naphtali Jacinth stone, tribe of Glad Agate stone, tribe of Asher Amethyst stone, tribe of Issachar Beryl stone, tribe of Zebulum Onyx stone, tribe of Joesph Jasper stone, tribe of Benjamin