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Parables told by Jesus
A comparison or analogy of an earthly story to a spiritual truth.

Parable Matthew Mark Luke
New ways vs. old ways,     (New Testament grace vs. Old Testament law). 9:16-17 2:21-22 5:36-39
Two debtors,     (both debts canceled, who loved the most?)     7:40-43
The sower and the four types of soil,     (condition of the heart). 13:3-9 4:3-9 8:5-8
The parable of the sower explained,     (perhaps a progression of growth). 13:18-23 4:14-20 8:11-15
Germinating seed that brings forth a harvest,     (we know not how).   4:26-29  
The parable of the lamp stand,     (you are the light of the world). 5:14-16 4:21-23 8:16-18
Your personal foundation,     (a house built on the Rock vis. sand). 7:24-27   6:47-49
The good Samaritan,     (who is my neighbor?)     10:30-37
The good Shepherd,     (The plan of salvation). The Gospel of John 10:1
The sayings of Jesus,     (short sayings) yes yes yes
The persistent friend,     (persistence pays off, men should always pray).     11:5-8
Rich man building bigger barns,     (storing it up to then take it easy).     12:16-21
The barren fig tree,     (are there second chances?)     13:6-9
The wheat and the tares,     (the good and the bad). 13:24-29    
Parable of the mustard seed,     (smallest seed and becomes a great tree). 13:31-32 4:30-32 13:18-19
Yeast worked though,     (and the whole loaf was raised). 13:33   13:20-21
Hidden treasures,     (acquiring the kingdom, the right way). 13:44    
The pearl of great value,     (seeking the kingdom, it costs you all). 13:45-46    
The dragnet,     (separating the good from the bad). 13:47-50    
Bringing out treasures,     (new & old treasures, both have value). 13:52    
Places of honor,     (honor is given from above, it's not taken).     14:7-14
The lost sheep,     (being concerned about the one). 18:12-14   15:3-7
The lost coin,     (placing value on the one).     15:8-10
The prodigal son and his brother,     (two sons to contend with).     15:11-32
The unrighteous yet shrewd steward,     (commended for doing wisely).     16:1-8
The rich man and Lazarus,     (hell is real, one must believe by faith).     16:19-31
The unjust judge and widow woman,     (persistence pays off).     18:1-8
The Pharisee and the Publican,     (one justified and one was not).     18:9-14
Forgiving master & the wicked servant,   (forgive and you will be forgiven). 18:23-35    
The landowner and the laborers,     (giving of wages and their expectations). 20:1-16    
Jesus' Triumphal entry into Jerusalem 21:1 11:1 9:29
Parable of the reluctant son,     (driven by guilt). 21:28-32    
The vineyard owner and the wicked servants,    (prophet). 21:33-41 12:1-9 20:9-19
Great feasts and the guests,     (they who came and they who refused). 22:1-14   14:16-24
The blooming fig tree,     (a sign that the kingdom is near). 24:32-32 13:28-29 21:29-30
The ten virgins,     (some were prepared, some were not). 25:1-13    
Servants entrusted with master's money,     (do business until he comes). 25:14-30   19:12-27
Sheep and goats,     (Seperating out the righteous). 25:31-46