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Parable of the unrighteous yet shrewd steward.

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Luke 16:1-8
1And He also said to His disciples, There was a certain rich man who had a steward. And he was accused to him, that he had wasted his goods. 2And he called him and said to him, What is this I hear about you? Give an account of your stewardship, for you may no longer be steward. 3And the steward said within himself, What shall I do? For my lord is taking the stewardship away from me. I cannot dig; I am ashamed to beg. 4I know what I will do, so that when I am put out of the stewardship they may receive me into their houses. 5So he called every one of his lord's debtors and said; to the first, How much do you owe my lord? 6And he said, A hundred measures of oil. And he said to him, Take your bill and sit down quickly and write fifty. 7And he said to another, And how much do you owe? And he said, A hundred measures of wheat. And he said to him, Take your bill and write eighty. 8And the unjust steward's lord commended him because he had done wisely. For the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.
  • First we must realize that Jesus is not condoning embezzlement or poor stewardship. After all the lord called the steward unjust, he ordered him to give an account and he took away his stewardship.
  • Note: the steward did not even know of the amounts that his lord's debtors owed.
  • We cannot compare the operations of the unjust with that of the just. However we can take an example of what the steward did, he put a plan together and carried it out. Jesus then makes the statement, For the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light, tying the theme of the parable to operating in wisdom together with forming and carrying out a plan.
    ==>  My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou has rejected knowledge, Hosea 4:6.
    ==>  A man's heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directs his steps, Proverbs 16:9.
  • This last scripture has been used much for believers to sit back and wait on God to direct their steps, but we see that God wants us to formulate a plan. Whether that plan be right or wrong, God can then direct our steps. Without us having and pursuing a plan of action, the Lord cannot direct our steps, (He has nothing to work with).
  • The lord did not view money as his treasure, therefore he was able to commend the steward for putting a shrewd plan together, even through it was unethical.