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Peter called to Joppa to raise Tabitha from the dead.

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Acts 9:36-42
36And in Joppa was a certain disciple named Tabitha (which translated is called Dorcas). She was full of good works and kind deeds which she did. 37And it happened in those days, becoming sick, she died. And washing her, they laid her in an upper room. 38And, because Lydda was near Joppa, hearing that Peter is in it, the disciples sent two men to him, begging him not to delay to come to them. 39And rising up, Peter went with them. When he had come, they brought him into the upper room. And all the widows stood beside him, weeping and showing the coats and garments which Dorcas made while she was with them. 40And putting them all out, Peter knelt down and prayed. And turning to the body he said, Tabitha, arise! And she opened her eyes. And when she saw Peter, she sat up. 41And he gave her his hand and lifted her up. And when he had called the saints and widows, he presented her alive. 42And it was known throughout all Joppa. And many believed in the Lord.
  • From verse 40 we can see that Peter did three things:
    1. He put the unbelief out of the room, (the weeping women):  And putting them all out,
    2. He built up his faith:  Peter knelt down and prayed.
    3. He then turned and spoke to the situation:  And turning to the body he said, Tabitha, arise!
  • News of this miracle was used to bring others to the Lord. Signs and wonders were often used to bring people to the Lord. Jesus did not require a certain set of Christian beliefs before healing could be had.