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Island of Melita, apostle Paul heals Publius.

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Acts 28:7-9
7In the quarters about that place were lands to the chief of the island, whose name was Publius. Welcoming us, he lodged us courteously three days. 8And it happened the father of Publius was lying down, suffering fevers and dysentery; to whom Paul entered in, and praying and laying on his hands, he healed him. 9Then this taking place, the rest who were having infirmities in the island also came, and were healed.
  • Paul prayed and laid hands on Publius' father, and healed the man.
  • Signs and wonders were often used to bring people to the Lord. in this case it also brought many of the natives on the island to the Lord as well. For God does not require a certain set of Christian beliefs before healing could be had,
  • Note: This was during Paul's fourth missionary journey, Acts 27:1 .