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Jesus healed the people, before the feeding of the 5000.

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Matthew 14:13-14 Luke 9:10-11 John 6:1-2
13When Jesus heard, (that John the Baptist was now dead) He departed from there by boat into a deserted place apart. And hearing, the crowds followed Him on foot out of the cities. 14And Jesus went out and saw a great crowd, and He was moved with compassion toward them. And He healed their sick.
10And returning, the apostles told Him all that they had done. And He took them and went aside privately into a deserted place of a city called Bethsaida. 11But knowing this, the crowds followed Him. And He received them and spoke to them of the kingdom of God, and He healed those who had need of healing.
1After these things Jesus went over the Sea of Galilee, the Sea of Tiberias. 2And a great multitude followed Him, because they saw His miracles which He did on the sick ones.
  • The people sought out Jesus, we also need to seek Jesus, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:,
  • Some of the multitude followed out of faith, others out of curiosity, others because it was the thing to do. Not all who touched Jesus were healed, as seen in the healing of the woman with the issue of blood. The woman touched Jesus with the expectation of healing, but even though the crowds were thronging Him, only the woman was healed at that time. Matthew 7:7.
  • Even after Jesus hearing the news of John the Baptist, (most-likely desiring solitude). Jesus again put the people's needs above His own desires and He taught and healed the people.