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King Solomon This book is written as love story of a King and his bride. The story has been interpreted as being between king Solomon and one of his brides, (the shulamite), this name appears in only one verse. With all the rich symbolism of the book, it is better to view the book as Christ, being the bride-groom and Israel or the church as the bride, using metaphors of the love relation between a man and a woman.
eight chapters
During Solomon's reign, between 970-930 BC.

overview / compilation of the book of Song of Solomon.

Song of Solomon: chapter 1

1The song of songs, which is Solomon's, (NOTE: the second king of Israel).

[She speaks of her Beloved].

2Let Him kiss me, for His love is better than wine. 3For the fragrance of Your perfumes is good and Your name is as perfume poured out, therefore, do the virgins loved You! 4Call me and draw me and we, will run after You, for the King has brought me into His chambers. We will be glad and rejoice in You, we will remember Your love more than wine, for the upright love You. 5However, I am weather-beaten, offensive and crude, yet comely. 6Therefore do not look upon me, for daily labor has wearied me. My own family was angry at me, making me serve them, but my own needs I have not attended to. 7My love, tell me where you work and rest, for I wish to be more than a mire companion.

[He, the Beloved speaks].

8If you do not know where I am, most fairest among women. Continue to watch your flock and feed them beside the shepherds' tents. 9My love, you are as to Me, as a well groomed mare of Pharaoh's chariots. 10Your cheeks are comely with rows of jewels and your neck with chains of gold. 11Chains of gold shall be made for you with studs of silver.

[She speaks of her Beloved].

12While the King sits at his table, my fragrance fills the room. 13My Beloved is to me as a bundle of myrrh, He shall lie between my breasts all night. 14You are as a cluster of flowers picked in a lush green meadow. 15My love is fair, having doves' eyes. 16Beautiful and delightful are You and our bed is refreshing and fruitful. 17And our house is made of choice materials.

Song of Solomon: chapter 2
[He, the Beloved speaks].

1I am the rose of Sharon and the lily of the valleys. 2As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters.

[She speaks of her Beloved].

3As the fruit tree among the other trees, so is my Beloved among the sons of man. I sit under His shadow with great delight and His fruit is sweet to my taste. 4He brought me to the banquet house and his banner over me was love. 5Sustain me with raison cakes, comfort me with fruit, for I am sick with love. 6His left hand is under my head and His right hand embraces me. 7I adjure you daughters of Jerusalem, do not stir up, nor awake my Love, until He please.

8Behold, the voice of my Beloved! He comes leaping on the mountains, skipping on the hills. 9My Beloved is like a young dear, standing behind our wall, looking through the windows, showing Himself through the lattice. 10My Beloved called to me and said, Rise up, My love and come away with Me. 11For the winter is past, the rainy season is over. 12The flowers have appeared and the birds are singing again. 13The fig tree has begun to bud and the vines with their tender grapes give a sweet smell. Arise, My love, my fair one and come away with Me.

[He, the Beloved speaks].

14It is as if My love is a dove hidden in the clefts of the rock, in the secret places. Let me see your countenance and hear your voice, for sweet is your voice and pleasant is your countenance.

[She replies to her Beloved].

15Protect us from the little foxes, that spoil the vines. For our vines have tender grapes. 16My Beloved is mine and I am His, He feeds among the lilies. 17Until the break of day, remain as a young dear upon the mountains to me.

Song of Solomon: chapter 3
[She dreams of her Beloved].

1By night on my bed I sought Him whom my soul loves, but I did not find Him. 2Thus, I will rise up and search the city streets for Him whom my soul loves. And even though I sought for Him, I did not find Him. 3The watchmen of the city found me, so I asked him if he had seen Him whom my soul loves? 4When I had gone a little way past them, I found Him whom my soul loves. I held Him and would not let Him go, until I had brought Him into my mother's house. 5I adjure you daughters of Jerusalem, do not stir up, nor awaken love until its time.

6Who is this coming out of the wilderness in a great procession, perfumed with myrrh and frankincense? 7The carriage comes into view, it is Solomon, sixty valiant men of Israel are around it. 8All of them expert men of war holding swords, because of the fear in the night. 9King Solomon being carried in his carriage. 10The pillars made of silver, the bottom made of gold, covered with purple and the body being made with love, for the daughters of Jerusalem. 11Daughters of Zion, go forth and see king Solomon in his royal robes dressed for his wedding day and the day of gladness of his heart.

Song of Solomon: chapter 4
[He, the Beloved speaks].

1My love, you are beautiful, with eyes as doves' behind your hair that shimmers. 2Your teeth glisten, through your smile. 3Your lips glisten as precious stone, your speech is comely and your temples are soft and radiant behind your hair. 4Your neck is strong and ordained with great jewels. 5Your two breasts are like two young twin fawns, feeding among the lilies. 6Until the day breaks, I will sweetly climb to the highest mountain. 7My love, you are beautiful, there is no blemish in you.

8Come with Me out of Lebanon, my spouse, out of the lion's dens within the mountain top. 9For with one smile from you, you have captured My heart, My sister, My spouse. 10Your love is fair, it is better than wine, with fragrance better than rare spices, My sister, My spouse! 11My spouse, your lips are as drops of honeycomb, honey and milk are under your tongue and the smell of your garments is like the fresh outdoors. 12My sister, My spouse, you are to Me a secret garden, a concealed fountain spring. 13Your plants are pleasant fruits and fragrant. 14With all trees of frankincense, myrrh, aloes and all the chief spices. 15You are as a fountain of gardens, a well of living waters and flowing streams.

[She speaks].

16Come north and south wind, come and gently blow upon my garden, that the aroma from the spices may flow out. Let my Beloved come into His garden and eat His pleasant fruits.

Song of Solomon: chapter 5
[He, the Beloved speaks].

1I am come into My garden, My sister, My spouse, the sweet fragrances. I have feasted on wine and honey, yes, My friends drink abundantly of My love.

[She speaks of her Beloved].

2I sleep, but my heart stays awake, I dream that it is the voice of my Beloved knocking, saying; Open up My sister, My love, My dove, My undefiled, for My head is covered with dew and I am chilled by the night air. 3But I say; I have done my days work and have taken my rest, shall I now arise again? 4However, my Beloved put His hand by the hole of the door and my heart was stirred for Him. 5I rose up to open the door for my Beloved and my hands and fingers dripped with sweet smelling myrrh, from the handles of the lock. 6I then opened the door to my Beloved, but my Beloved had withdrawn Himself and was gone. My soul went out to Him when He speaks, so I searched for Him, but could not find Him. I called out to Him, but He did not answer. 7As I searched the city streets, the watchmen of the city, (taking me as being a lewd woman), found me and beat me taking away my modesty. 8Daughters of Jerusalem, I adjure you, if you find my Beloved, tell him that I am sick with love.

[The daughters of Jerusalem speak].

9What is so special about your Beloved above all other beloved, fair lady? That you ask for our assistance.

[She answers the daughters and speaks of her Beloved].

10My Beloved is pure and radiant, the chief among ten thousand. 11His head is as a treasure of fine gold, His locks are bushy and black as a raven. 12His eyes are as the eyes of doves. 13His cheeks are as a bed of spices and His lips smell of sweet myrrh. 14His hands are as gold rings set with jewels, His belly is as bright ivory overlaid with sapphires. 15His legs are strong and steady as pillars of marble outlined with fine gold, His appearance is excellent and majestic. 16His voice and speech are exceeding sweet, yes, He is altogether lovely. Daughters of Jerusalem, this is my Beloved and my Friend.

Song of Solomon: chapter 6
[The daughters of Jerusalem speak].

1Where has your Beloved gone, Oh fairest among women? For we will seek Him along with you.

[She speaks of her Beloved].

2My Beloved is gone down into His garden, to delight in the fresh spices and gather the flowers. 3For I am my Beloved's and my Beloved is mine and He delights in the lilies.

[He, the Beloved replied].

4My love, you are beautiful, delightful and awe-inspiring. 5Turn away your eyes from Me, for your beauty has overcome Me, your hair shimmers in the sunlight. 6Your smile is full and your teeth are white and beautiful. 7Your temples are soft and radiant. 8Sixty queens, eighty concubines and virgins without number cannot compare to you. 9My dove, My undefiled is one, the only one of her mother, the choice of her that bore her. The daughters blessed her and the queens and concubines, also praised her. 10She looks as fresh as the morning, fair as the moon, clear as the sun and awe-inspiring.

[She speaks of her Beloved].

11I went into the garden to see the fruit of the valley. 12Before I realized my soul was carried away by high thoughts. 13I started to flee but they called to me, saying; Return oh fair one, that we can look upon you. But, I replied; What is there to see in me?

Song of Solomon: chapter 7
[He, the Beloved speaks].

1Oh noble daughter, how beautiful are your feet, the shapeliness of your hips are like fine jewels, the work of a skillful craftsman. 2Your navel is like a round goblet, never lacking of liquor, your body is as a field of wheat outlined with lilies. 3Your two breasts are like two young twin fawns. 4Your neck is as a tower of ivory, your eyes as fish-pools, your face is as a strong tower. 5Your head and your hair are precious in the sight of the King and it holds him in awe. 6My love, you are fair and pleasant, with your many delights! 7Your stature is slender as a palm tree and your breasts as clusters of grapes. 8I have resolved to climb the palm tree, taking hold of its branches and your breasts will be a sweet wine and the smell of your nose like apples. 9Your kisses are as good wine.

She replies to her Beloved.

My kisses flow down to my Beloved in uprightness and strengthen the lips of the aged!

[She speaks of her Beloved].

10I am my Beloved's and His desire is toward me. 11Come, my Beloved, let us go and lodge in the villages. 12Let us leave early for the vineyards and see if the tender grapes appear, there I will give You my loves. 13The mandrakes, (love apples) and all the pleasant fruit that I have stored up for You, at our gates, give a sweet smell. my Beloved.

Song of Solomon: chapter 8
[She speaks of her Beloved].

1If only You were as my biological brother, then when I would speak of You in other people's presence, they would not look down or belittle me when I kiss You. 2I would bring You to my mother's house, who would instruct me. I would have You drink of spiced wine and of my kisses. 3Your left hand would support my head and Your right hand would embrace me. 4I adjure you daughters of Jerusalem, do not stir up, nor awake love until its time.

[The daughters of Jerusalem speak].

5Who is this that comes out of the wilderness, leaning upon her Beloved? The child that we helped raised and whose mother we know.

[She speaks of her Beloved].

6Let me have a place in Your heart, for love is as strong as death, jealousy is cruel as the grave, but Your love is as a powerful piercing flame of fire. 7Many waters cannot quench love, if a man would give all the substance of his house for love, he would be utterly scorned and mocked.

[The daughters of Jerusalem speak].

8We have a little sister, (yet immature), for she has no breasts. What shall we do for our sister in the day when she shall be spoken for? 9If she be a mature woman, we would build her up, but if she be immature and vulnerable we would protect her.

[She replies back to the daughters].

10I am mature and my breasts are full and I was in His eyes allowed to partake of His peace. 11King Solomon has vineyards and he lets them out to keepers and they produce one thousand pieces of silver. 12But my vineyard is before me and it is all mine.

[He, the Beloved speaks].

13You who stay in the earthly gardens, others hear your voice, causing Me to also hear your voice. 14Make haste and come to Me quickly my beloved, as a young deer on a mountain of spices.