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The prophetic book of Obadiah

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Obadiah, his name means servant of God. Obadiah prophesied to the nation of Edom. They had become very proud and therefore, spiritually blind. He prophesied of Edom's destruction and of the coming day of the Lord. The nation of Edom was destroyed by the Israel people as told in the book of Ezekiel 25:14, around 100bc.
one chapter
840 BC.

Verse by verse, explanation of the book of Obadiah.

Obadiah: chapter 1

1The vision of Obadiah, given to him by the LORD. concerning Edom. We have heard a report from the Lord, saying; Rise up and prepare for battle against her. 2I shall make Edom small among the nations and greatly despised. 3For Edom's pride has deceived them, though they dwell in high and mighty fortified cities and they think to themselves, who can bring us down? 4There dwellings may be high, giving them a false sense of security, however, even from there I, the LORD shall bring them down. 5It would have been better if thieves had come to them, for even thieves would have left a few things behind. 6For I shall search for everything and nothing shall be left behind. 7Your allies will turn against you and your trusted friends will lay traps for you, no one shall be aware of this. 8Not one wise man shall be left in those days, say the LORD, for I shall destroy the wise and there shall be no understanding. 9The mightiest of all soldiers shall be confused and left to be slaughtered.

10Shame shall cover Edom, for your violence against Israel and you will be cut off forever. 11For in the day when Israel needed your help, you did not provide help, yet you acted towards them as enemies. 12You should not have gloated when Israel went into captivity or in the day of their misfortune. 13For you plundered Israel and gazed on their afflictions. 14You stood at the gates and killed those trying to escape and delivered those who remained back to their captors.

15For the day of the LORD on all nations is near, as you have done, it will be done unto you. 16You shall receive and drink the wrath of God, as will the other nations and in that day those nations shall be destroyed, as if they had never been.

17But Mount Zion will be a place of refuge and holiness and the house of Israel shall possess it. 18In that day, Israel shall destroy the house of Esau, as fire consumes chaff and Edom shall have no survivors, the LORD has spoken. 19His people shall then possess the cities the mountains and the lowlands. 20And the captives of Israel shall possess the land of the Canaanites. 21Then the saved shall come to Mount Zion and will place judgment on Esau. And the kingdom will be of the LORD.