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The prophetic book of Nahum

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The prophet Nahum an Elkoshite, from a village in Galilee, his name means: full of comfort. Nahum's message was to Nineveh, the capital of the Assyrian empire, prophesying their destruction. Nineveh was a highly fortified city, hence the Assyrians were very proud of the city and thought it to be indestructible. The city was destroyed in 612bc by the Medes and the Babylonians. Nineveh had repented a century earlier in 760bc, after Jonah's message. However, the nation had again declined back into wickedness.
three chapters
660 BC.

Verse by verse, explanation of the book of Nahum.

Nahum: chapter 1

1The vision concerning the city of Nineveh, given to Nahum the Elkoshite. 2The LORD is a jealous God and will take vengeance on His adversatives with zeal, for His wrath is reserved for His enemies. 3The LORD is slow to anger and great in power and He will not acquit the wicked. Through the whirlwinds and storms the LORD has His own way and the clouds are but the dust of His feet. 4At His Word, He rebukes the sea and it dries up, the fertile pastures lands, the forests wither away and the flower wilts. 5The mountains quaked before Him and the hills melt. The whole earth quakes in His presents, together with all who dwell in it. 6Who can stand before His wrath? And who can endure His anger? That is poured out like fire, as the rocks shatter before Him.

7The LORD is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble and He knows those who trust in Him. 8But with a mighty flood, He will make an utter end of His enemies and darkness will overtake them. 9Nineveh, why do you conspire against the LORD? He will make an utter end of you and you shall not raise up a second time. 10For while Nineveh is yet confused and stumbling like drunkards you shall be consumed in a moment, as in fire. 11For in your vain counseling, you scheme evil against the LORD.

12Thus says the LORD; Though their army is a multitude of people, the Assyrians shall all be cut down. For they have afflicted My people and I will afflict Jerusalem no more. 13And I will now set the people of Jerusalem free of their captivity.

14For I spoken My Word against the Assyrian king, your name shall cease to exist. I shall cut off the false gods that you worship and will dig your grave, for you are vile. 15Hear Him upon the mountains whom brings good news, Peace! O Judah, thus keep your appointed feasts, fulfill your vows, for the wicked are cut off.

Nahum: chapter 2

1Say to Nineveh, Medo-Babylon has appeared before your face. The battle is very near, beware, be on guard and strengthen your flanks. 2Even though Israel lies in waste and has been emptied out, the LORD will restore Israel to her excellence again. 3The troops of Medo-Babylon are in full armor, their chariots come as lighting and their spears glisten, for the day of their preparation. 4As the battle begins the chariot's rage as they jostle each another and they run as lighting. 5The Assyrians stumble in their march, as they hasten to defend themselves. 6The gates of the city have now been opened and the palace is destroyed. 7Nineveh has been taken, it has been declared that she is to be led away into captivity. Devastation so severe that even her maidservants mourn as they are lead away. 8Even though Nineveh was once like an oasis in the desert, now her people are fleeing away. A few cry out stand firm! But no one looks back. 9The silver and the gold are taken as spoil, there is no end to Nineveh's vast wealth. 10The once fortified city is now empty, desolate and lies in waste, her people are dismayed, their hearts shake and their knees melt. 11Where now is the great Nineveh, where the brave and the cruel walked as lions without fear? 12The old ways of Nineveh are destroyed, for they use to feed off their enemies.

13I am against you says the LORD, I will burn your chariots and shall slay your mighty men. I will cut you off completely and the voices of your messengers shall be heard no more.

Nahum: chapter 3

1Woe to Nineveh the bloody city, it is full of lies and robberies that never cease. 2The furry of the chariots in the streets never stop. The sound of the whip and of galloping horses never cease. 3Horses charge and bodies slain and are piled up in the streets, to the point where they stumble over the corpses. 4Because of the bountiful prostitution and idol worship in the city. For through her harlotries and enchantments she entices nations to fall. 5I am against you says the LORD, I will lift your skirts above your face and let the other nations see your nakedness and shame. 6I shall pile upon you even more filth, making you even more vile than you already are. 7Those who look upon you shall see that you are laid waste and will flee from you, wondering if there is anyone to mourn her destruction. 8Do you think, you are better than Amon, (the capital of upper Egypt)? Whose defense was the waters around her. 9With Ethiopia as her strength along with other mighty allies. 10Yet she was carried away into captivity. The young children were slain in the streets and her honorable men were bound in chains and sold. 11Nineveh you shall stagger as a drunk man and seek refuge from your enemies. 12All of your strongholds are ripe for picking, the time has come and they will fall into the hands of your enemies. 13Your troops will be as weak and helpless as women and the gates of the city shall be left open for your enemies to walk through them.

14Go on prepare yourself for the battle, draw your water and fortify your strongholds. 15Though you do this, fire and the sword will still devour you. Even though you have made yourself many you shall be cut off. 16You have multiplied your wealth, but this will only be more plunder for your enemies. 17Your rulers are many and your officials even more numerous, but as soon as the battle begins, they will abandon you. 18All of your leaders and nobles are dead and your people are scattered across the mountains. 19There shall be no healing for Nineveh for your wound is grievous. All who hear the news of your destruction shall rejoice, for the days of your wickedness have passed.