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The prophetic book of Micah

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Micah, his name means: Who is like the Lord, occupation a farmer. Micah prophesied primarily to the southern kingdom, (Judah) as they were under oppression from the Assyrians. Idolatry had become very predominant among the people and Micah prophesied judgment on Israel and Judah, condemnation to the leaders, God's redemption and His coming salivation.
seven chapters
735 BC.

Verse by verse, explanation of the book of Micah.

Micah: chapter 1

1The Word of the Lord that came to Micah during the reigns of Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah, three kings of Judah, concerning Samaria and Jerusalem. 2May all the people of the earth hear and let the Lord God from His holy temple be a witness against you. 3For behold, the day is coming when the LORD will come down and tread upon the high places of the earth. 4Like wax before a fire, the mountains will melt before Him and the valleys will split open. 5All this because of the transgressions and the sins of Israel. The transgressions of Israel are the idolatries of Samaria, that you do within the high places of Judah, which is Jerusalem. 6The LORD will make Samaria a heap of ruins, the land to be used as open fields. He shall pull down her stone walls and uncover her foundations. 7All her carved images shall be destroyed and all the money exchanged in pay for harlots shall go up in smoke, thus the tainted money shall be rendered useless.

8Therefore, I Micah, will wail and howl like a jackal and shall go around in no more than a loincloth proclaiming this prophecy. 9For Samaria's wounds are far too deep to be healed and now they have spread to Judah, to My people in Jerusalem. 10Do not tell of this judgment to the Philistine cities due to their gloating, yet shamefully cover yourself in dust. 11And as you are taken captive by the Philistines, enter into shame. 12For the inhabitants of Judah waited for good, but disaster came down from the Lord. 13Inhabitants of the city of Lachish within Judah, harness the chariot to the stallion. You are the beginning of sin to the daughter of Zion, for the sins of Israel have been found in you. 14Therefore as you enter into captivity you shall give Judah parting gifts, (given to the city of this prophet). For towns within Israel are now places of deceit and deception unto the kings of Israel. 15Yet the LORD will bring an heir to you Judah and the glory of Israel shall return. 16Therefore, priests of Israel mourn as if you were bald, because of the sins of your people, for Judah and Israel shall both go into captivity.

Micah: chapter 2

1Woe to those who scheme and plan wickedness and evil, at break of day they practice it because it is within the power of their own hands. 2They convent other people's fields and houses, using violence to take them, oppressing their neighbor by taking his inheritance. 3Therefore, says the LORD; I am against this family from which there is no escape. Neither shall they walk haughty, for this is a most evil time. 4In that day people shall taunt you with proverbs and you shall lament. Saying we are utterly destroyed, God has changed the heritage of His people and we are cut off and our enemies are dividing up our land. 5Therefore when you return from captivity, you will have no one to determine boundaries by lot, as in the days of your fathers, in the assembly of the LORD.

6Your false prophets say to those who preach; Do not babble, for no harm will come to us. 7You who claim the house of Israel, do the Words of the LORD not reach you? Are these not Gods doings? To those who walk uprightly, the Words of the LORD are beneficial. 8Lately My people have become as an enemy to Me, they have defiled their beautiful garments, as if they have come from a bloody battle, as they confidently pass by. 9The women of My people have been driven out of their homes and from their young children, you have taken away My glory forever. 10Arise and depart, for this is not the promised rest, the land is defiled and shall be destroyed. 11Lying prophets full of wine and drink are what you want and what you accept, you receive these prophets, but they are babbling fools.

12Yet there will come a time when I will gather all of Israel even her remnant to Myself, I will bring them together as a flock and there shall be a great commotion because of the vast number of people. 13The One whom breaks through has come up before them and their King has passed through before them, for their LORD is at the head of them.

Micah: chapter 3

1And I Micah said; Hear me, you heads and rulers of Israel! Do you not know justice? 2You men who hate good and love evil, you abuse the LORD's people demanding all you can get out of them. 3Even to their personal harm, such as chopping them up as meat for your pots. 4Then they cry out to the LORD, but because their deeds have also been evil, He will not hear them and will even hide His face from them. 5Thus says the LORD concerning false prophets that led His people astray, assuring them of peace as long as the payment is there but speaking of war and disaster when there is no payment. 6Therefore, no one shall prophesy, nether false prophets or true. 7The prophets shall be ashamed and shall cover their lips for there shall be no answer from God. 8But as for me, (Micah), I am full of power of the Spirit of God. Having discernment and might and to you, I shall declare Israel's transgressions and sin.

9Now, hear this, rulers and heads of Israel, who despise justice and pervert all that is good. 10They seek the kingdom through bloodshed and their crafty ways. 11Your leaders are corrupt and can be bribed. Your priests and your prophets speak for pay yet they all say; The LORD is with us and no harm can befall us. 12Therefore because of this Jerusalem shall be destroyed and the mountains of the temple shall become as bare hills of the forest.

Micah: chapter 4

1In the latter days, it shall be that the LORD's house shall be established on Mount Zion, it shall be exalted above the hills and many people shall come to it. 2Many nations shall desire to go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the God of Israel and learn His ways and to walk in His paths. For the law and the Word of the LORD shall go forth. 3And the LORD shall judge between all people, rendering decisions on strong nations. Nations shall then use their weapons for peace and war shall cease, neither shall they even learn of war anymore. 4Every man shall reside in his own house and eat of his own provision without fear, for the LORD has spoken. 5For now, all people walk in the name of their god, but we walk in the name of the LORD our God forever.

6In that day says the LORD; I will assemble the lame, the outcast and those who I have afflicted. 7The lame shall become a remnant and the outcast a strong nation and I will reign over them from Mount Zion, forever. 8Jerusalem, the watchtower of the flock, the stronghold of the daughter of Zion, in that day your first dominion shall be restored back to you.

9But now you scream in terror, where are your leaders? For pains have seized you like a woman in labor. 10Be in pain and labor to bring forth, for now you shall go into captivity, to Babylon. But from there the LORD will deliver you from the hands of your enemies. 11Right now, many nations have gathered against you, who would like to see you defiled, so their eyes can look upon Zion. 12But the other nations do not know the ways and thoughts or understand the counsel of the LORD, for He will gather them, as sheaves on the threshing floor. 13People of Israel, Arise in judgment of the other nations, for the LORD will make you strong for battle. You shall beat into pieces many people and their substance shall be devoted to the LORD of the whole earth.

Micah: chapter 5

1Israel now, gather yourself together for battle, for the LORD has set your enemy against you and they have struck down the judge of Israel. 2But you, Bethlehem and Ephrathah even though you are small among the thousands of Judah, out of you shall come forth His Shepherd to be the everlasting Ruler of Israel. 3Therefore the LORD shall give you over, until the time is complete and you have brought forth, then shall the remnant of His brethren return as the children of Israel. 4He shall then feed His flock in the strength and the majesty of the LORD His God and they shall stand, for then He shall be great to the ends of the earth.

5And the Messiah shall be our peace, when Assyria shall come into our land. When the enemy treads upon our palaces, seven shepherds and eight anointed men shall then rise up against them. 6And they shall destroy the land of Assyria with the sword, thus the LORD shall deliver us from Assyria when the enemy comes into our land. 7The remnant of Israel shall then be scattered throughout many nations. 8And the remnant of the LORD's people shall be among many Gentile people, just as a young lion among a flock of sheep, that no one can deliver them from. 9Your hand shall be high above your enemies and you shall destroy them.

10In that day, says the LORD; I will cut down your horses of war and destroy your chariots. 11I will throw down your strongholds. 12And cut off all your sorcerers and fortunetellers. 13I will cut off your idols and sacred high places from your midst, until you no longer worship the work of your hands. 14And I will destroy your false images along with your cities. 15In anger and with great haste I will execute My vengeance on the nations that have not hearkened to My voice.

Micah: chapter 6

1Hear now what the LORD says; Get up and plead your case before the mountains and the hills. 2Let the mountains and the foundations of the earth hear the LORD's complaint, for the LORD does have a complaint against His people and He will contend with Israel. 3My people, what have I done to you and how have I wearied you?, Answer Me. 4For I redeemed you from the house of bondage, bringing you out of Egypt. And I gave you leaders of Moses, Aaron and Miriam to follow. 5Remember when Balaam was paid to curse you, but I had him bless you instead. All so that you may know the righteousness and saving acts of the LORD.

6You then say, with what shall we come before the LORD with to worship God Most High? Shall we bring burnt offerings, calves of a year old? 7Is the LORD pleased with great abundance of offerings? Shall we sacrifice our firstborn child, for the sin of our soul? 8The LORD has made known to us what is good and what He requires of us, is to do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

9The LORD cries out to the city of Jerusalem, they who are wise will hear and fear, for destruction is on its way, for the LORD has appointed it. 10For the homes of the wicked are full of ungodly treasures, obtained through lies and deception and that is an abomination to the LORD. 11Shall these people be counted holy with their bag full of deceitful weights? 12The rich men are full of violence and all have a lying tongue. 13Therefore the LORD shall strike them with sickness, because of their sins and their place shall become desolate. 14They shall eat but never be satisfied. Hunger shall be with them and what they do manage to save, the LORD shall destroy it. 15They shall plant but not reap a harvest, they shall plant olives but not anoint themselves with oil and make sweet wine but not drink of it. 16For they have kept the works of the wicked, worshiping and following the council of false Gods. Therefore, the LORD will make your place a wasteland and an astonishment to your people and you shall bear the mockery and reproach as people of the LORD.

Micah: chapter 7

1Woe is me! The season has passed, that my heart desires. 2The godly men have perished from the earth, for there are no upright men among them. And now every man is out for blood, as he hunts his own brother. 3Everyone has his hand out, wanting either a gift or a bribe as they utter their evil desires and scheme together. 4The best of them is like a thorn, the most upright among them is corrupt. But, the day of the watchman and their visitation will come and so also shall come their confusion. 5Do not trust a friend, do not put your confidence in your companion, guard what you speak even to your closest confident. 6For a man's enemies shall be of his own household, sons shall dishonors their fathers and daughter shall be against their mother. 7Therefore, Israel, I will look and wait with hope and expectation for the God of my salvation and my God shall hear me.

8Let not my enemies rejoice over me, for when I fall, I will rise again, even when I sit in darkness the LORD will be my light. 9I will bear the wrath of the LORD, for I have sinned against Him. Until He pleads my case and executes justice then He will bring me forth into the light and I shall see His righteousness. 10Then my enemy shall see and be ashamed, who said to me; Where is the LORD your God? For they will be beaten down and disgraced.

11The day when the walls are to be built, the word shall go out far and wide. 12In that day, they shall come to you from foreign lands and fortified cities, from the sea and the mountains. 13Yet before this happens, the land shall be desolate because of the wicked deeds of the people and the people shall reap the fruit of their deeds.

14LORD, shepherd Your people, your flock with Your staff, who dwell in solitude in the low lands and feed them, as in the days of old. 15Show them wonders as was in the days when they came out of Egypt. 16Then the other nations shall see and be ashamed of their might, putting their hand over their mouth in amassment and their ears becoming deaf. 17As they crawl like snakes on the earth. Then they shall be afraid of the LORD and shall fear Him because of you. 18There is no other God like ours, for You pardon iniquity and forgive the transgressions of Your elect. Nor do You retain Your anger forever, for You love and delight in mercy. 19Again You will have compassion on us and all our sins You cast into the depths of the sea. 20Giving truth to Israel and mercy to Abraham, as was sworn to the fathers, since days of old.