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The prophetic book of Amos

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Amos, his name means: burden-bearer, a shepherd called to be a prophet. a contemporary of Jonah Amos lived in the southern kingdom (Judah), but was sent to prophesy to the northern kingdom (Israel), during the reign of Jeroboam II. This was a time of peace and prosperity, for the northern kingdom. His message was telling of Israel's lack of true worship and their lack of morality. Amos prophesied judgments to the nations and to Israel, but also the promises of restoration.
nine chapters
760 BC.

Verse by verse, account of the book of Amos.

Amos: chapter 1

1The words of the prophet Amos and that which he saw concerning Israel, whom was among the shepherds. In the days of Uzziah king of Judah and Jeroboam the son of Joash king of Israel, two years before the earthquake, (762bc.). 2And he said; The LORD roars from Zion and His voice can be heard from Jerusalem. The green pastures of the shepherds shall mourn and the fertile lands shall dry up.

The LORD's judgment on the city of Syria.

3Because of their abundant transgressions, I will not turn a blind eye on the city of Syria. Because they have oppressed My people in Gilead. 4I will burn the king's palace. 5I will break the gates of the city. The inhabitants shall be cut off and the people shall be exiled back to the land of Kir, says the LORD.

The LORD's judgment on the Philistine cities.

6Because of their abundant transgressions, I will not turn a blind eye on the Philistine city of Gath. Because as slave traders, they delivered the entire captivity of My people up to Edom to be sold. 7I will send fire on the principal city of Gaza and shall consume its palaces. 8I will also cut of the inhabitants of the other Philistine cities and destroy them, cutting off the king from the people. I will turn My hand against them and even the remnant of the Philistine people shall perish, says the LORD.

The LORD's judgment on the city of Tyre.

9Because of their abundant transgressions, I will not turn a blind eye on the city of Tyre. For they broke the covenant of brotherhood and delivered up the entire captivity of My people up to Edom. 10I will send fire on the wall of Tyre and it shall devour its palaces, says the LORD.

The LORD's judgment on the people of Edom.

11Because of their abundant transgressions, I will not turn a blind eye on the people of Edom. Because they have pursued his brother, Israel with the sword, casting off all pity, for their anger and wrath is everlasting. 12Therefore I shall send fire on your chief city of Teman and burn up their palaces, says the LORD.

The LORD's judgment on the people of Ammon.

13Because of their abundant transgressions, I will not turn a blind eye on the people of Ammon, (Lot's descendants). Because they have cut open the pregnant Israelite women in Gilead, merely that they might take the land. 14I will kindle a fire within their chief city of Rabbah and destroy its palaces. 15And their king and his princess shall go into captivity, says the LORD.

Amos: chapter 2
The LORD's judgment on the transgressions of Moab.

1Because of their abundant transgressions, I will not turn a blind eye on the people of Moab, (Lot's descendants). Because they burnt the bones of the king of Edom, (Esau's descendants), to ashes, in much vengeance. 2I will send a fire down upon Moab and it shall devour its chief city of Kerioth and its palaces. Moab shall be defeated and die with much shouting and in much turmoil. 3I shall cut down its king and slay its princess, says the LORD.

The LORD's judgment on the people of Judah.

4Because of their abundant transgressions, I will not turn a blind eye on the people of Judah. Because they have despised the law of the LORD, not keeping His commandments and have been led astray by the lies that their fathers followed. 5I will send fire upon Judah and it shall burn up the palaces of Jerusalem. Say the LORD.

The LORD's judgment on the transgressions of Israel.

6Because of their abundant transgressions, I will not turn a blind eye on the people of Israel. Because they sell the righteous for profit and use the poor for their own gain. 7They lust after wealth at the expense of others and pervert the way of justice. Father and son go into the same prostitute, thus they defile My holy name. 8They leave their pledge on every altar and drink the wine of the condemned in the house of foreign gods. 9Yet, have they forgotten, it was I who once fought battles against great men for them. 10Also I brought them up from the land of Egypt and lead them forty years through the wilderness, to posses the promise land. 11I raised up some of their sons as priests and prophets. Tell Me if it's not so? 12But they perverted the priests and silenced the prophets. 13Behold, you are a burden to me, as chaff is to the farmer. 14Therefore, your strong and mighty men shall become weak. 15Your warriors shall not stand and your swift men shall not escape. 16And the most courageous men shall flee naked, in that day, says the LORD.

Amos: chapter 3

1Hear the Word of the LORD, that He has spoken against the children of Israel. Against the entire family that I brought out of the land of Egypt. 2Saying; Only you have I known and chosen out of all the people of the earth, therefore, I will punish you for all of your iniquities. 3How can two walk together, unless they are in agreement? 4The LORD would not be roaring like a lion, if there was no reason. 5Will a bird fall from the sky without cause? 6If an alarm has sounded in the city and the people tremble, is not the LORD behind it? 7The LORD God does nothing unless He first reveals it to His servants, the prophets. 8The LORD has spoken! The people shall fear, how can they not but prophecy?

9Call in the foreign countries to witness the scandals within Israel and the oppressed in her midsts. 10For these cities do not know right from wrong, for their hearts are set on violence and robbery. 11Therefore, an adversary shall take away your strength and your palaces shall be plundered. 12I shall save the children of Israel from their captors, however, it shall be as a shepherd takes a lamb from the mouth of a lion. 13Hear this Israel, for I testify that this is true. 14That day when I punish Israel for her transgressions, I will also visit the altars of Bethel, (NOTE: the idol worship within Jerusalem). The horns of the altar shall be cut off and fall to the ground. 15Also I shall destroy their beautiful summer and winter homes, says the LORD.

Amos: chapter 4

1Hear this word, you indulgent cows of Samaria, who reside on the mountains. You who take advantage of the poor and needy, as you seek further indulgences from your husbands. 2The day shall come when the LORD will take you away against your will and also from your future generations. 3You shall leave your own broken city and you shall be thrust into exile. 4Go to Bethel and sin! Multiply your transgressions, sacrifice to your idols every morning and bring your tithes to them every third day. 5Bring them offerings mingled with defilement and announce the freewill offerings for this is what the children of Israel love to do, says the LORD.

6I sent you hunger and want for bread, yet you have not returned to Me. 7I have withheld rain from you, months before your harvest. Sending rain selectively to one city and not the other. Resulting in a drought in certain cities. 8But at this you simply used water from neighboring cities and even though you were not satisfied you still did not return to Me. 9I struck your lands and vineyards with mildew and the locust ate up your crop, yet you have not returned to Me. 10I sent among you plagues after the manor of Egypt. I killed your young men with the sword and caused your camps to stink. Still you did not return to Me. 11I destroyed some of their cities, as was Sodom and Gomorrah, saving you at the last moment and still you have not returned to Me. 12Therefore, I will do this to you oh Israel, prepare to meet your God! 13He who is Creator of all, He who gives man his thoughts and can make the morning into darkness. Who treads on the high places of the earth, The LORD God of Hosts is His name.

Amos: chapter 5

1Hear My words of lament that I have against you, Oh Israel. 2The once beautiful, virgin city of Israel has fallen and will rise up no more. She has forsaken her own principles and now there is no one to raise her up. 3Armies shall be sent out but only one tenth of them shall return.

4Thus says the LORD to the house of Israel; Seek Me and live! 5Do not seek idols or enter into false temples. 6Seek the LORD and live, lest He break out like a fire on the twelve tribes of Israel and devour them. 7You who pervert justice and slay the righteousness. 8For the LORD made the stars and the consolations, He can turn the shadows of death into morning and the day as dark as night, the One who pours out the waters on the face of the earth. The LORD is His name. 9Who causes sudden destruction to the strong men and their fortress become defenseless. 10But how the people hate honest judges and they who are upright. 11Therefore Israel, since you oppress the poor and cheat your neighbor. Even though you have built fine houses having vineyards, you shall not dwell in these homes or drink from your vineyards. 12For I know all of your many and great transgressions, affecting the just, taking bribes and oppressing the poor. 13Therefore whoever is wise among you let him remain silent, for this is an evil time. 14Seek to do good and not evil, so that the LORD God will be with you and that you may live. 15Hate evil and love good, establish justice and perhaps the LORD will be gracious on His people who remain.

16Therefore, says the LORD; There shall be wailing everywhere, people shall both mourn and wail. 17For I shall pass through you, says the LORD. 18Woe to those of you who look forward to the day of the LORD, do you not know that for you it will be a day of darkness rather than light. 19It will be as if a man fled from a lion only to be met by a bear, or if he was in a house and placed his hand on the wall and a serpent bit him!. 20The day of the LORD is absolute darkness with no brightness in it. 21I the LORD hates your feast days and I take no delight in your holy gatherings. 22Though you offer Me burnt, grain and peace offerings, I will not accept them. 23Your songs of praise are noise to My ears, cease this noise! 24For you do not heed justice or righteousness.

25The forty years Israel was in the wilderness, did you really worshiped Me? 26For you also carried with you meaningless statues of your king and idols of your star-gods around with you. 27Therefore, I will send you into captivity, says the LORD, whose name is the God of Hosts.

Amos: chapter 6

1Woe, to you who are Israel and Judah that are complacent in your cities, trusting in your fortresses. 2Go check out the foreign countries, are you better than these kingdoms, or are your boundaries greater than theirs? 3Woe to you who refuses to think about the day of judgment, by doing so you actually cause it to come near. 4You who indulge yourself in luxury and idleness, eating choice meats. 5Singing idle songs while creating instruments of music. 6Who drink wine from costly vessels and anoint themselves with the best oils. Yet, they are not moved and grieve for the afflictions of others. 7Therefore they shall be the first to be taken captive and those who indulge themselves shall be removed. 8This has the LORD sworn to do, for He abhors the pride of Israel and He hates their palaces, therefore, I will deliver up this city and all that is in it.

9After this, even if ten men remain hiding in one house they all shall die. 10In those days, the one who buries the bodies will ask another, if there are more bodies in the house? and as the man answers. The newcomer will say to him, hold your tongue, for we dare not mention the name of the LORD. 11For the LORD has vowed to smash both great and small homes into bits. 12For you have perverted justice and turned righteousness into bitterness, this should not have been done. 13You who rejoice over your past victories, saying to yourself, we have done this in our own strength. 14But I shall raise a nation against you, O Israel and they will greatly afflict you, says the LORD God.

Amos: chapter 7

1Thus the LORD God showed me this vision; He had prepared a swarm of locust, at the beginning of the final crop, after the king had taken the first cuttings. 2And after the locust had finished eating the grass of the land. I prayed; LORD that Israel might stand, for he is small. 3So the LORD relented concerning this.

4Then the LORD showed me a great conflict by fire and it consumed the waters and devoured the land. 5Then I said; LORD cease, I pray! That Israel might stand for he is small. 6So the LORD relented concerning this.

7The LORD then showed me a vision where He stood on a straight wall, having the plumb-line in His hand. 8And He asked me; Amos what do you see? And I said; a plumb-line. Then the LORD said; I am setting a standard of righteousness for My people Israel, I will not disregard their iniquities and spare them anymore. 9Israel's altars of idolatry and sanctuaries shall be destroyed, their king shall be slain with the sword.

10Then Amaziah the priest sent message to Israel's king, telling him that; Amos has conspired against you in the house of Israel and the land is not able to bear all his words. 11For he has said; that your king Jeroboam shall die by the sword and the people of Israel shall be led away from their own land into captivity. 12The priest then said to Amos; Go back to your own land, there you can eat and prophecy. 13But never again shall you prophecy here at Bethel. For this city is the king's sanctuary and his royal residence.

14Then Amos answered Amaziah the priest saying; I am not of the line of the family of prophets but rather a sheep breeder by trade. 15And as I was caring for my flock, the LORD Himself gave me this mandate to prophesy to the people of Israel. 16Therefore, hear the Word of the LORD, for you have told me not to prophesy against Israel. 17Therefore, thus says the LORD; your wife shall play the harlot in the city streets, your sons and daughters shall be slain. Your land shall be divided and you shall die in a defiled land and Israel shall surely be led away from their land into captivity.

Amos: chapter 8

1Thus the LORD gave me yet another vision, of a basket of summer fruit. 2Then He said; Amos what do you see? And I said, a basket of summer fruit. And the LORD said to me; The end has come upon My people Israel, I won't turn a blind eye to their deeds anymore. 3In that day, the praise songs in their temples shall become wailing and there shall be dead bodies everywhere. 4Hear this, you who rob the needy and take advantage of the poor.

5For you say when will the sacred days be over? That we may return to our dally trading. Using unjust weights and measures to increase our wealth through deceit. 6Taking advantage of the needy and poor, even selling them damaged goods. 7The LORD has sworn by Israel's own pride, surely I will not forget any of your works. 8The land shall tremble for this and all who dwell in it will mourn. 9In that day, I shall make the sun go down at noon, yes, in broad daylight the earth shall be darkened. 10I will turn your feasts into times of mourning and all of your songs into songs of sorrow. Everyone shall be clothed in sackcloth and every head shaven and your mourning shall be as for an only son, it shall be a bitter day. 11Those days are coming, when I will send a famine across the land, not a famine of want for food, but of hearing the Words of the LORD. 12The people shall then wander to and fro seeking the Word of God, but they shall not find it. 13In those days even the fair virgins and the strong young men shall faint from thirst. 14Those who swear by foreign gods shall fall and shall never rise again.

Amos: chapter 9

1I then saw the LORD standing by the idolatries altar in Bethel, saying; strike the doorposts. That the thresholds may shake and crumble on top of them, I will slay them all with the sword and the ones who do escape shall not be delivered. 2Even if they attempt to dig down to hell or climb up into heaven, My hand shall find them. 3Wherever they go into their fortresses, I will find them, if they hide from Me at the bottom of the sea, I shall command a serpent to byte them. 4If they go into captivity before their enemies. I will command the sword against them, I will set My eyes on them for harm and not for good. 5The LORD, the Creator of all, who touches the earth and it melts and all who dwell there mourn. 6He makes His home in the sky and governs the happenings of the earth, the LORD is His name.

7My people of Israel have become as children who go astray. I brought you out of the land of Egypt, but I also brought other nations up as well. 8My eyes are on this sinful kingdom and I will destroy it from the face of the earth but I will not utterly destroy the house of Israel. 9I will sift My people, yet not the smallest grain shall fall to the ground. 10Every sinner among My people shall die. Who says to themselves, this calamity shall not overtake or harm us.

11On that day I shall raise up the tabernacle of David, that has fallen down and its damages shall be repaired. 12that the gentiles who are called by My name shall also dwell in it. 13The days are coming, says the LORD; when multitudes shall come to the LORD and prosperity of the LORD shall drip down as sweet wine. 14I will then bring back the people out of their captivity. They shall rebuild their cities and inhabit them, planting vineyards and gardens for food and they shall eat and drink. 15I will plant the people in their land and no longer shall they be pulled up from the land I have given them, says the LORD your God.