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Unknown, but attributed to Ezra, a priest and scribe. First and Second Chronicles were originally one book called, "The Events of The Days". The first nine chapters are filled with genealogies from the time of Adam to the return of the Israelites back to Jerusalem, after their captivity. The book then tells of the forty year reign of king David, his war victories, his mighty men, moving the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem, the census he took and its results, closing with his death.
twenty-nine chapters
425-400 BC

Verse by verse, account of the book of 1st Chronicles

1st Chronicles: chapter 1
The genealogy of Adam to Noah, shown in a table.

1Adam begot Seth, Seth begot Enosh, 2Enosh begot Cainan, Cainan begot Mahalaleel, Mahalaleel begot Jered, 3Jered begot Enoch, Enoch begot Methuselah, Methuselah begot Lamech, 4Lamech begot Noah and Noah begot three sons, (Shem, Ham and Japheth).

Genealogy of Noah's three sons, told of in Genesis chapter 10.

5The seven sons of Japheth are: Gomer, Magog, Madai, Javan, Tubal, Meshech and Tiras. 6The sons of Gomer are: Ashchenaz, Riphath and Togarmah. 7The sons of Javan are: Elishah, Tarshish, Kittim and Dodanim.

8The four sons of Ham are: Cush, Mizraim, Put and Canaan. 9The sons of Cush are: Seba, Havilah, Sabtah, Raamah and Sabtechah. And the sons of Raamah are: Sheba and Dedan. 10Cush also begot Nimrod and Nimrod became mighty upon the earth. 11Mizraim begot Ludim, Anamim, Lehabim, Naphtuhim, 12Pathrusim and Casluhim, (whom the Philistines came out of). 13Canaan begot Zedon his firstborn and Heth, 14That the nations and the people of the Jebusite, Amorite, Girgashite, 15Hivite, Arkite, Sinite, 16Arvadite, Zemarite and Hamathite came from.

17The sons of Shem are: Elam, Asshur, Arphaxad, Lud, Aram. Aram's sons were: Uz, Hul, Gether and Meshech. 18Arphaxad begot Shelah and Shelah begot Eber. 19Eber's sons were: Peleg, (his name means: division), for in his days the earth was divided and his brother's name was Joktan. 20And Joktan begot thirteen sons: Almodad, Sheleph, Hazarmaveth, Jerah, 21Hadoram, Uzal, Diklah, 22Ebal, Abimael, Sheba, 23Ophir, Havilah and Jobab.

The genealogy from Noah's son, Shem to Abraham.

24 Shem, Arphaxad, Salah, 25Eber, Peleg, Reu, 26Serug, Nahor, Terah, 27Abram, (whose name was changed to Abraham. 28And the sons of Abraham were: Isaac and Ishmael.

29These are Ishmael sons, Abraham's firstborn son: Nebaioth, Kedar, Adbeel, Mibsam, 30Mishma, Dumah, Massa, Hadad, Tema, 31Jetur, Naphish and Kedemah.

32Abraham's concubine, Keturah gave birth to: Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak and Shuah. And the sons of Jokshan; Sheba and Dedan. 33Through Abraham's concubine Keturah, Midian's sons were: Ephah, Epher, Henoch, Abida and Eldaah.

34Abraham begot Isaac. And the sons of Isaac were: Esau and Jacob and the LORD later renamed Jacob to Israel.

35The sons of Esau were: Eliphaz, Reuel, Jeush, Jaalam and Korah. 36The sons of Eliphaz were: Teman, Omar, Zephi, Gatam, Kenaz, Timna and Amalek. 37The sons of Reuel were: Nahath, Zerah, Shammah and Mizzah.

38The sons of Seir were: Lotan, Shobal, Zibeon, Anah, Dishon, Ezer and Dishan. 39The sons of Lothan were: Hori, Homam and Timna a daughter. 40The sons of Shobal were: Alvan, Manahath, Ebal, Shepho and Onam. The sons of Zibeon; Ajah and Anah. 41The sons of Anah were: Dishon. The sons of Dishon: Hemdan, Eshbon Itran and Cheran. 42The sons of Ezer were: Bilhan and Zaavan and Akan. The sons of Dishan were: Uz and Aran. 43These are the kings that reigned in the land of Edom (of the Chaldeans) before any king reigned over the children of Israel. Reigning with Bela the son of Beor, in the city was Dinhabah.

44When Bela died, Jobab the son of Zerah reigned as king. 45When Jobab died, Husham of the land of the Temanites reigned as king. 46When Husham died, Hadad the son of Bedad, which smote Midian in the field of Moab, reigned as king in the city was Avith. 47When Hadad died, Samlah of Masrekah reigned as king. 48When Samlah died, Shaul of Rehoboth reigned as king. 49When Shaul died, Baal-hanan the son of Achbor reigned as king. 50When Baal-hanan died, Hadad reigned as king, in the city of Pai, his wife's name was Mehetabel, an Edomite. 51And Hadad also died.

The Dukes of Edom listed, also listed in Genesis 36:40-43.

Now the dukes of Edom were; Duke Timnah, Duke Alvah, Duke Jetheth, 52Duke Aholibamah, Duke Elah, Duke Pinon, 53Duke Kenaz, Duke Teman, Duke Mibzar, 54Duke Magdiel, Duke Iram.

1st Chronicles: chapter 2

1These are the sons of Jacob, who the LORD renamed "Israel", also known as the twelve tribes of Israel: Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, 2Dan, Joseph, Benjamin, Naphtali, Gad, Asher.

3These are the three sons of Judah, that were born to him by the daughter of Shua the Canaanites: Er, Onan and Shelah. However, Er, the firstborn, was evil in the sight of the LORD and the LORD killed him, Genesis 38:7.

The line of Christ from Judah to David.

4Now Tamar his daughter-in-law gave birth to Perez and Zerah and all the sons of Judah were five. 5The sons of Perez were: Hezron and Hamul. 6The five sons of Zerah were: Zimri, Ethan, Heman, Calcol and Dara. 7The sons of Carmi were: Achan, the troubler of Israel, who transgression was coveting the accursed things, Joshua 7:1 8The sons of Ethan were: Azariah. 9The sons of Hezron were: Jerahmeel, Ram and Chelubai. 10And Ram begot Amminadab: and Amminadab begot Nahshon, the prince of the children of Judah. 11Nahshon begot Salmon and Salmon begot Boaz, 12Boaz begot Obed and Obed begot Jesse, 13And this is the birth order of Jesse's sons: Eliab his firstborn, Abinadab, Shimma 14Nethaneel, Raddai, 15Ozem and David the seventh son.

16Whose sisters were Zeruiah and Abigail. And the three sons of Zeruiah were: Abishai, Joab and Asahel. 17Abigail bore Amasa and the father of Amasa was Jether the Ishmeelite.

18Caleb the son of Hezron begot children of Azubah his wife and of Jerioth, their sons are; Jesher, Shobab and Ardon. 19When Azubah died, Caleb married Ephrath, which gave him a son named Hur. 20Hur begot Uri and Uri begot Bezaleel. 21When Hezron was sixty years old, he married the daughter of Machir and she bore him Segub. 22Segub begot Jair, who had twenty-three cities in the land of Gilead. 23And Segub took the lands of Geshur, Kenath, Aram, along with the towns of Jair. Altogether sixty cities that belonged to the sons of Machir the father of Gilead. 24Hezron died in the land of Caleb-ephratah. And after that Abiah Hezron's wife bore him Ashur the father of Tekoa.

25The sons of Jerahmeel the firstborn of Hezron were, Ram the firstborn, Bunah, Oren, Ozem and Ahijah. 26Jerahmeel's other wife, Atarah, begot Onam. 27The sons of Ram, the firstborn of Jerahmeel were: Maaz, Jamin and Eker. 28The sons of Onam were: Shammai, Jada. The sons of Shammai were: Nadab and Abishur.

29The name of Abishur's wife was Abihail and she bore him Ahban and Molid. 30The sons of Nadab were: Seled and Appaim. However, Seled died childless. 31The son of Appaim was: Ishi. The son of Ishi was: Sheshan. And the son of Sheshan was: Ahlai. 32The sons of Jada the brother of Shammai were: Jether and Jonathan. However Jether died childless. 33The sons of Jonathan were: Peleth and Zaza, this is the genealogy of Jerahmeel.

34Now Sheshan had no sons, but only daughters. However he had an Egyptian servant named Jarha. 35So Sheshan gave one of his daughters to Jarha his servant to be his wife and she bore him Attai. 36Attai begot Nathan and Nathan begot Zabad, 37Zabad begot Ephlal and Ephlal begot Obed, 38Obed begot Jehu and Jehu begot Azariah, 39Azariah begot Helez and Helez begot Eleasah, 40Eleasah begot Sisamai and Sisamai begot Shallum, 41And Shallum begot Jekamiah and Jekamiah begot Elishama.

42The firstborn of Caleb the brother of Jerahmeel was Mesha, which was the father of Ziph and the sons of Mareshah the father of Hebron. 43The sons of Hebron were: Korah, Tappuah, Rekem and Shema. 44Shema begot Raham, the father of Jorkoam. And Rekem begot Shammai. 45The son of Shammai was Maon and Maon begot was the father of Beth-zur. 46Caleb's concubine, Ephah, bore Haran, Moza and Gazez. And Haran begot Gazez. 47The sons of Jahdai were: Regem, Jotham, Geshan, Pelet, Ephah and Shaaph 48Caleb's concubine, Maachah, bore Sheber and Tirhanah. 49She also bore Shaaph, who was the father of Madmannah, Sheva, who was the father of Machbenah, Gibea. And the daughter of Caleb was Achsah.

50These were the sons of Caleb the son of Hur, the firstborn of Ephratah; Shobal the founder of the city of Kirjath-jearim, 51Salma the founder of the city of Bethlehem and Hareph the founder of the city of Beth-gader. 52Shobal the founder of the city of Kirjath-jearim had sons of: Haroeh along with half of the people of Manahethites. 53The people and the families of the city of Kirjath-jearim were: the Ithrites, the Puhites, the Shumathites and the Mishraites. And out of them came the Zareathites and the Eshtaulites.

54The descendants of Salma were: the people of Bethlehem, the Netophathites, the land of Ataroth, the house of Joab, the Zorites and half of the Manahethites. 55Along with the families of the scribes which dwelt at Jabez: the Tirathites, the Shimeathites and Suchathites. These are the Kenites that came of Hemath, the father of the house of Rechab.

1st Chronicles: chapter 3
The sons of king David.

1These are the sons of king David, that were born to him in Hebron: The firstborn was Amnon, born of his wife Ahinoam a Jezreelite, the second son was Daniel, born of his wife Abigail a Carmelites. 2David's third son was Absalom, born of Maacah the daughter of the king of Geshur. The forth son was, Adonijah born of his wife Haggith. 3David's fifth, son was Shephatiah, born of his wife Abital, the sixth son was Ithream by his wife Eglah. 4These six sons were born to David in Hebron, where he reigned seven years and six months and after that David reigned in Jerusalem thirty-three years.

5And these are the sons that were born to David in Jerusalem by Bathsheba the daughter of Ammiel: Shammua, Shobab, Nathan and Solomon. 6Ibhar, Elishama, Eliphelet, 7Nogah, Nepheg, Japhia, 8Elishama, Eliada, Eliphelet. 9These are the sons of David, besides the sons that were born to him from his concubines, along with Tamar a sister to her brothers.

The sons of king Solomon, all of his sons reigned as sequential kings of Judah.

10Solomon's son were Rehoboam, Abijah, Asa, Jehoshaphat, 11Jehoram, Ahaziah, Joash, 12Amaziah, Azariah, Jotham, 13Ahaz, Hezekiah, Manasseh, 14Amon, Josiah.

15The sons of Josiah were: his firstborn Johanan, Jehoiakim, Zedekiah and Shallum, (NOTE: Jehoiakim was a reigning king of Judah).

16The sons of Jehoiakim were: Jehoiachin and Zedekiah. 17The sons of Jehoiachin were: Assir, Salathiel, 18Malchiram, Pedaiah, Shenazar, Jecamiah, Hoshama and Nedabiah, (NOTE: Jehoiachin was a reigning king of Judah).

19The sons of Pedaiah were: Zerubbabel and Shimei. (NOTE: Zerubbabel led the Jews out from their Babylonian captivity).

The sons of Zerubbabel were: Meshullam, Hananiah and Shelomith along with their sister. 20And Hashubah, Ohel, Berechiah, Hasadiah and Jushab-hesed.

21The sons of Hananiah were: Pelatiah and Jesaiah along with these men and their families: Rephaiah, Arnan, Obadiah and Shechaniah.

22The sons of Shechaniah were: the family of Shemaiah, Hattush, Igeal, Bariah, Neariah and Shaphat. 23The sons of Neariah were: Elioenai, Hezekiah and Azrikam. 24The sons of Elioenai were: Hodaiah, Eliashib, Pelaiah, Akkub, Johanan, Dalaiah and Anani.

1st Chronicles: chapter 4
The families of the tribe of Judah.

1The sons of Judah were: Pharez, Hezron and Carmi, Hur and Shobal. 2And Reaiah the son of Shobal begot Jahath and Jahath begot Ahumai and Lahad. These are the families of the Zorathites. 3The sons of Etam were: Jezreel, Ishma and Idbash, along with their sister Hazelelponi. 4The sons of Penuel were: Gedor and Ezer and Ezer begot Hushah. These are the sons of Hur, who was the firstborn of Ephratah, the founder of Bethlehem. 5Ashur was the father of Tekoa and had two wives, Helah and Naarah. 6Ashur's sons by his wife Naarah were: Ahuzam, Hepher, Temeni and Haahashtari. 7And Ashur's sons by his wife Helah were: Zereth, Jezoar and Ethnan. 8Koz the son of Harum begot Anub, Zobebah and the families of Aharhel. 9But Jabez was more honorable than his brethren and his mother called his name Jabez, because she bore him with sorrow. (the name Jabez means: he will cause pain) 10And Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, If You would bless me, enlarging my Territories, that Your hand would always be with me and that You would keep me from evil, so that it may not grieve me! And God granted him that which he requested.

NOTE: (verse 10 is the verse that the prayer of Jabez is taken from).

11Chelub the brother of Shuah begot Mehir and Mehir begot Eshton. 12Eshton begot Beth-rapha, Paseah and Tehinnah and Tehinnah begot Ir-nahash. These are the men of Rechah. 13These are the sons of Kenaz: Othniel, Seraiah and Othniel begot Hathath. 14Meonothai begot Ophrah and Seraiah begot Joab, the founder of the valley of Charashim, for they were craftsmen.

15The sons of Caleb the son of Jephunneh were: Iru, Elah and Naam and Elah begot Kenaz. 16The sons of Jehaleleel were: Ziph, Ziphah, Tiria and Asareel. 17The sons of Ezra were, Jether, Mered, Epher, Jalon and Bithiah. And Pharaoh's daughter married Mered and bore Miriam, Shammai and Ishbah and Ishbah bore Eshtemoa. 18And Nered's Jewish wife Jehudiajah bore Jered the father of Gedor, Heber the father of Socho and Jekuthiel the father of Zanoah. These are the sons of Bithiah the daughter of Pharaoh, which Mered married. 19The sons of Hodiah's wife, the sister of Naham were: the father of Keilah the Garmite and Eshtemoa the Maachathite. 20The sons of Shimon were: Amnon, Rinnah, Ben-hanan and Tilon. And the sons of Ishi were: Zoheth and Ben-zoheth. 21The sons of Shelah of Judah were: Er the father of Lecah, Laadah the father of Mareshah and the families of the house of Ashbea that wrought fine linen. 22And Jokim, Joash, Saraph, Jashubi-iehem and the men of Chozeba, who ruled over the land of Moab. (These are the very ancient records). 23These were the potters, that dwelt in the cities near the king, so as to do work for the king.

The families of the tribe of Simeon.

24The sons of Simeon were, Nemuel, Jamin, Jarib, Zerah and Shaul. 25Shaul begot Shallum, Shallum begot Mibsam and Mibsam begot Mishma. 26Mishma begot Hamuel plus other sons, Hamuel begot Zachur and Zachur begot Shimei. 27Shimei had sixteen sons and six daughters. However, his brethren did not have large families and their family line did not multiply, like the line of Judah. 28And they dwelt in Beer-sheba, Moladah, Hazar-shual, 29Bilhah, Ezem, Tolad, 30Bethuel, Hormah, Ziklag, 31Beth-marcaboth, Hazar-susim, Beth-birei and at Shaaraim. These were their towns and lands until David became their king. 32They also had cities of: Etam, Ain, Rimmon, Tochen and Ashan. 33And all their surrounding villages, as far as the boundary of Baal. This is the record of their habitations and their genealogy.

34Also Meshobab, Jamlech and Joshah the son of Amaziah, 35Joel, Jehu the son of Josibiah, the son of Seraiah, the son of Asiel, 36Elioenai, Jaakobah, Jeshohaiah, Asaiah, Adiel, Jesimiel and Benaiah, 37Ziza the son of Shiphi, the son of Allon, the son of Jedaiah and the son of Shimri, the son of Shemaiah. 38The above names were princes in their families and they increased greatly.

39Thus they went to the town of Gedor seeking pasture land, in the east side of its valley for their flocks. 40Where they found good and fertile pasture land, for the land had previous been cleared by the men of Ham. 41-43And five hundred men of Simeon led by four captions, (Pelatiah and Neariah, Rephaiah and Uzziel), in the days of king Hezekiah came and utterly destroyed the Amalekites that inhabited the land. And they dwelt in their houses and occupied the pasture land with their herds and flocks and are still there to this day.

1st Chronicles: chapter 5
The family genealogies of the tribes that stayed on the east side of the Jordan river, (Reuben, Glad and the half tribe of Manasseh) are grouped together in this chapter.
The families of the tribe of Reuben.

1The families of the tribe of Reuben, the firstborn of Israel. Even though he was the firstborn of Israel, though he defiled his father's bed, by sleeping with his father's concubine, Genesis 35:22. Reuben's birthright was given to the sons of Joseph, (NOTE: the two half tribes of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh). And because of this, the birthright is not reckoned according to the birth order. 2And even though Judah prevailed over brethren and from his line came king David leading to Christ the Messiah, the birthright still went to Joseph.

3The sons of Reuben the firstborn of Israel were: Hannoch, Pallu, Hezron and Carmi. 4The sons of Joel were: Shemaiah his son, Gog his son and Shimei his son, 5Micah his son, Reaia his son, Baal his son, 6And Beerah his son, whom became ruler of the men of Reuben and was carried away captive by Tilgath-pilneser the king of Assyria. 7When this happened, his brothers, Jeiel and Zechariah, according to their family lineage became chiefs. 8Then, Bela a Reubenite, laid claim to a large part of the land of Aroer, from the borders of Nebo to Baal-meon. 9Eastward he inhabited the land up to the wilderness from the river Euphrates, for their cattle had greatly multiplied in the land of Gilead. 10And in the days of king Saul they fought with and defeated the Hagarites and they dwelt in their tents throughout all the east land of Gilead.

The families of the tribe of Glad.

11And the tribe of Gad bordered their land, from Bashan to the city of Salchah: 12Joel was the ruler and Shapham the second in command, with Jaanai and Shaphat as the judges of Bashan. 13And their brothers of their father's house were: Michael, Meshullam, Sheba, Jorai, Jachan, Zia and Heber.

14These are the sons of Abihail: the son of Huri, the son of Jaroah, the son of Gilead, the son of Michael, the son of Jeshishai, the son of Jahdo, the son of Buz. 15Ahi the son of Abdiel, the son of Guni, who was head of his father's house. 16They dwelt in Gilead and in the towns around Bashan and in the suburbs boarding the land of Sharon. 17These are the recorded genealogies in the days of Jotham the king of Judah and in the days of Jeroboam king of Israel.

18The valiant men of Reuben, the Gadites and half the tribe of Manasseh, there were forty-four thousand seven hundred sixty skillful men able to go to war. 19And they fought against the Hagarites and the tribes of Jetur, Nephish and Nodab. 20They were victorious in battle and their enemies were delivered into their hand. For they put their trust in God and cried out to Him during the battle. 21And they plundered the Hagrite herds, taking away their cattle, fifty thousand camels two hundred fitly thousand sheep, two thousand donkeys and one hundred thousand men. 22That day many were slain, because the battle was of God. And they dwelt in their lands until the captivity.

The families of the tribe of Manasseh, that stayed on the east side of the Jordan river.

23The people of the half tribe of Manasseh multiplied in the land, from Bashan to Baal-hermon to the edge of Mount Hermon. 24The heads of their father's houses, the mighty men of valor and the renowned men, were: Epher, Ishi, Eliel, Azriel, Jeremiah, Hodaviah and Jahdiel. 25Yet they transgressed against the God of their fathers and went a whoring after the gods of the people of the land, whom God had even destroyed before them. 26So the God of Israel stirred up the spirit within Pul the king of Assyria and within Tilgath-pilneser the king of Assyria and they carried the Reubenites, the Gadites and the half tribe of Manasseh away. Bringing them to the Assyrian lands of Halah, Habor, Hara and to the river Gozan, unto this day.

1st Chronicles: chapter 6
The families of the tribe of Levi.

1The sons of Levi were: Gershon, Kohath and Merari. 2The sons of Kohath were: Amram, Izhar, Hebron and Uzziel. 3The children of Amram were: Aaron, Moses and Miriam. The sons of Aaron were: Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar. 4Eleazar begot Phinehas and Phinehas begot Abishua, 5Abishua begot Bukki and Bukki begot Uzzi, 6Uzzi begot Zerahiah and Zerahiah begot Meraioth, 7Meraioth begot Amariah and Amariah begot Ahitub, 8Ahitub begot Zadok and Zadok begot Ahimaaz, 9Ahimaaz begot Azariah and Azariah begot Johanan, 10Johanan begot Azariah, (and he filled the priest's office in Solomon's temple in Jerusalem). 11Azariah begot Amariah and Amariah begot Ahitub, 12Ahitub begot Zadok and Zadok begot Shallum, 13Shallum begot Hilkiah and Hilkiah begot Azariah, 14Azariah begot Seraiah and Seraiah begot Jehozadak, 15Jehozadak went into captivity, when the LORD carried away Judah and Jerusalem by the hand of Nebuchadnezzar into Babylon.

16Again the sons of Levi were: Gershom, Kohath and Merari. 17The sons of Gershom were: Libni and Shimei. 18The sons of Kohath were: Amram, Izhar, Hebron and Uzziel. 19The sons of Merari were: Mahli and Mushi. And these are the genealogies of the Levites.

20The sons of Gershom were: Libni his son, Jahath his son, Zimmah his son, 21Joah his son, Iddo his son, Zerah his son, Jeaterai his son. 22The sons of Kohath were: Amminadab his son, Korah his son, Assir his son, 23Elkanah his son, Ebiasaph his son, Assir his son, 24Tahath his son, Uriel his son, Uzziah his son, Shaul his son. 25The sons of Elkanah were: Amasai and Ahimoth. 26Zophai his son and Nahath his son, 27Eliab his son, Jeroham his son, Elkanah his son. 28And the sons of Samuel were: Vashni, his firstborn and Abiah.

29The sons of Merari were: Mahli, Libni his son, Shimei his son, Uzza his son, 30Shimea his son, Haggiah his son, Asaiah his son.

31These are the Levitical singers that king David set over the house of the LORD, after the Ark of the LORD had come into the house. 32 And they ministered with singing before the congregation and the tent of the LORD, until Solomon built the house of the LORD in Jerusalem. 33And these are the names of the singers. Of the sons of the Kohathites: Heman a singer, the son of Joel, the son of Shemuel, 34The son of Elkanah, the son of Jeroham, the son of Eliel, the son of Toah, 35The son of Zuph, the son of Elkanah, the son of Mahath, the son of Amasai, 36The son of Elkanah, the son of Joel, the son of Azariah, the son of Zephaniah, 37The son of Tahath, the son of Assir, the son of Ebiasaph, the son of Korah, 38The son of Izhar, the son of Kohath, the son of Levi, the son of Israel. 39And his brother Asaph, who stood on his right hand. 40The son of Michael, the son of Baaseiah, the son of Malchiah, 41The son of Ethni, the son of Zerah, the son of Adaiah, 42The son of Ethan, the son of Zimmah, the son of Shimei, 43The son of Jahath, the son of Gershom, the son of Levi. 44Their brethren the sons of Merari stood on the left hand: Ethan the son of Kishi, the son of Abdi, the son of Malluch, 45The son of Hashabiah, the son of Amaziah, the son of Hilkiah, 46The son of Amzi, the son of Bani, the son of Shamer, 47The son of Mahli, the son of Mushi, the son of Merari, the son of Levi. 48These Levites were appointed unto all manner of service of the house of God. 49But Aaron and his sons were the head priests that offered up burnt offering and burnt incense and were appointed for all the work of the Most Holy Place. To make an atonement for Israel.

50These are the sons of Aaron: Eleazar his son, Phinehas his son, Abishua his son, 51Bukki his son, Uzzi his son, Zerahiah his son, 52Meraioth his son, Amariah his son, Ahitub his son, 53Zadok his son, Ahimaaz his son.

54And the dwelling places throughout the land for the sons of Aaron, of the families of the Kohathites was: 55The city of Hebron in the land of Judah and its surrounding suburbs. 56However the fields of the city and its villages, were given to Caleb the son of Jephunneh. 57To the sons of Aaron were given the cities of Judah: Hebron, the city of refuge, Libnah and its surrounding suburbs, Jattir and Eshtemoa, with its surrounding suburbs, 58Hilen with its surrounding suburbs, Debir with its surrounding suburbs, 59Ashan with its suburbs and Beth-shemesh with suburbs. 60From the tribe of Benjamin, Geba with its suburbs, Alemeth and its suburbs, Anathoth with its suburbs, thirteen cities in all.

61To the sons of Kohath ten cities were given from the half tribe of Manasseh. 62To the sons of Gershom thirteen cities were given from the tribes of Issachar, Asher, Naphtali and Manasseh in Bashan, (west of the Jordan). 63To the sons of Merari, twelve cities were given of the tribes of Reuben, Gad, Zebulun. 64The children of Israel gave all these cities and their suburbs to the Levites. 65Cities were also given from the tribes of Judah, Simeon and Benjamin. 66And the remaining of the families of Kohath had cities given to them from the tribe of Ephraim. 67They gave them, of the cities of refuge, Shechem and Gezer with their suburbs. 68Jokmeam and Beth-hron with its suburbs, 69Aijalon and Gath-rimmon with their suburbs, 70And from the half tribe of Manasseh, Aner and Bileam with their suburbs for the remaining of the family of Kohath.

71The sons of Gershom were given two cities from the half tribe of Manasseh, Golan and Ashtaroth and their surrounding suburbs. 72The tribe of Issachar gave: Kedesh and Daberath with their suburbs, 73Ramoth and Anem with their suburbs. 74The tribe of Asher gave: Mashal and Abdon with their suburbs, 75Hukok and Rehob with their suburbs. 76The tribe of Naphtali gave: Kedesh, Hammon and Kirjathaim with their suburbs. 77The tribe of Zebulun gave to the remainder of the sons of Merari: two cities, Rimmon and Tabor with their suburbs.

78From the tribe of Reuben, (on the east side of the Jordan river), was given, four cities: Bezer and Jahzah with their suburbs, 79Kedemoth and Mephaath with their suburbs. 80The tribe of Gad gave, four cities: Ramoth and Mahanaim with their suburbs, 81Heshbon and Jazer with their suburbs.

1st Chronicles: chapter 7
The families of the tribe of Issachar.

1The sons of Issachar were: Tola, Puah, Jashub and Shimron. 2The sons of Tola were; Uzzi, Rephaiah, Jeriel, Jahmai, Jibsam and Shemuel, all were heads of their father's house. And in the day of king David their family number was twenty-two thousand six hundred valiant men. 3The sons of Uzzi were: Izrahiah and the sons of Izrahiah: Michael, Obadiah, Joel and Ishiah. 4Within their family line thirty-six thousand men able to go to battle, for they had many wives and sons. 5All the families of Issachar were eighty-seven thousand valiant men of might.

The families of the tribe of Benjamin.

6The sons of Benjamin were: Bela, Becher and Jediael. 7The heads of the family of Bela were: Ezbon, Uzzi, Uzziel, Jerimoth and Iri. And their family line was twenty-two thousand thirty-four mighty men of valor. 8The sons of Becher were: Zemira, Joash, Eliezer, Elioenai, Omri, Jerimoth, Abiah, Anathoth and Alameth. 9They were all mighty men of valor and the number of them according to their generations was twenty thousand two hundred. 10The son of Jediael was: Bilhan, the sons of Bilhan, Jeush, Benjamin, Ehud, Chenaanah, Zethan, Tharshish and Ahishahar. 11all the sons of Jediael were seventeen thousand two hundred mighty men of valor. 12The sons of Aher were: Shuppim, Huppim, the sons of Ir and Hushim. 13The sons of Naphtali were: Jahziel, Guni, Jezer, Shallum and the sons of Bilhah.

The families of the tribe of Manasseh, that stayed on the west side of the Jordan river.

14The sons of Manasseh that were born of his Aramitess concubine were: Ashriel and Machir the father of Gilead: 15Machir took wives for his sons Huppim and Shuppim, they were two sisters, one was named Maachah and the other was named Zelophehad, however Zelophehad only had daughters. (NOTE: This relates to Numbers 27:1-5, the daughter's inheritance) 16Machir's wife named Maachah bore sons of: Peresh, Sheresh and their sons names were Ulam and Rakem. 17The sons of Ulam were: Bedan and his sons were the sons of Gilead, the son of Machir and the son of Manasseh. 18And his sister Hammoleketh bore Ishod, Abiezer and Mahalah. 19The sons of Shemida were: Ahian, Shechem, Likhi and Aniam.

The families of the tribe of Ephraim.

20The sons of Ephraim were: Shuthelah, Bered his son, Tahath his son, Eladah his son and Tahath his son, 21Zabad his son, Shuthelah his son, Ezer and Elead, were all killed by the men of Gath when their raiding party came down to take away their cattle. 22Ephraim their father grieved many days and was comforted by his family. 23And when he went into his wife, she bore a son and he called him Beriah, (the name means: tragedy or misfortune) because it went evil with his house. 24(And his daughter was Sherah, who built the cities of lower and upper Beth-horon and Uzzen-sherah.) 25He also had sons of: Rephah, Resheph his son, Telah his son and Tahan his son, 26Laadan his son, Ammihud his son, Elishama his son, 27Nun his son and Jehoshua his son. 28Their possessions and habitations were: the city of Bethel and the towns around it, the land from the east of Naaran and west of Gezer and the surrounding towns. The city of Shechem and its surrounding towns all the way to the Philistine city of Gaza. 29The sons of Manasseh took the land from the borders of the major cities of Beth-shean, Taanach, Megiddo, Dor and all the neighboring towns around them. In these dwelt the sons of Joseph the son of Israel.

The families of the tribe of Asher.

30The sons of Asher were: Imnah, Isuah, Ishuai, Beriah and Serah their sister. 31The sons of Beriah were: Heber and Malchiel, who are the father of Birzavith. 32Heber begot Japhlet, Shomer, Hotham and Shua their sister. 33The sons of Japhlet were: Pasach, Bimhal and Ashvath. 34The sons of Shamer were: Ahi, Rohgah, Jehubbah and Aram. 35The sons of his brother Helem were: Zophah, Imna, Shelesh and Amal. 36The sons of Zophah were: Suah, Harnepher, Shual, Beri and Imrah, 37Bezer, Hod, Shamma, Shilshah, Ithran and Beera. 38The sons of Jether were: Jephunneh, Pispah and Ara. 39The sons of Ulla were: Arah, Haniel and Rezia. 40All these were sons of Asher, heads of their father's house, throughout the genealogy, there were twenty-six thousand chosen mighty men of valor.

1st Chronicles: chapter 8
The family line of king Saul, of the tribe of Benjamin.

1Benjamin's firstborn was: Bela, Ashbel, Aharah, 2Nohah and Rapha.

3The sons of Bela were, Addar, Gera, Abihud, 4Abishua, Naaman, Ahoah, 5Gera, Shephuphan and Huram.

6The sons of Ehud are: the heads of the fathers of the people of Geba, that were forced to move to Manahath: 7Naaman, Ahiah and Gera, led them away and Ehud then begot Uzza and Ahihud. 8Shaharaim begot children in the country of Moab, after he had sent them away; for Hushim and Baara were his wives. 9Of his wife Hodesh he begot: Jobab, Zibia, Mesha, Malcham, 10Jeuz, Shachia and Mirma. 11Of his wife Hushim he begot Abitub and Elpaal.

12The sons of Elpaal were: Eber, Misham and Shamed, who built the cities of Ono and Lod and the towns around them. 13Beriah and Shema, the heads of the people of Aijalon and they drove away the inhabitants of Gath. 14Ahio, Shashak, Jeremoth, 15Zebadiah, Arad, Ader, 16Michael, Ispah, Joha and the sons of Beriah. 17Zebadiah, Meshullam, Hezeki, Heber, 18Ishmerai, Jezliah, Jobab and the sons of Elpaal. 19Jakim, Zichri, Zabdi, 20Elienai, Zilthai, Eliel, 21Adaiah, Beraiah, Shimrath and the sons of Shimhi. 22Ishpan, Heber, Eliel, 23Abdon, Zichri, Hanan, 24Hananiah, Elam, Antothijah, 25Iphedeiah, Penuel and the sons of Shashak. 26Shamsherai, Shehariah, Athaliah, 27Jaresiah, Eliah, Zichri and the sons of Jeroham. 28These were heads of the fathers, by their generations, whom dwelt in Jerusalem.

29At the city of Gibeon dwelt the father of Gibeon, his wife's name was Maachah: 30And his firstborn son was: Abdon, Zur, Kish, Baal, Nadab, 31Gedor, Ahio and Zacher. 32Mikloth begot Shimeah and they dwelt with their brethren in Jerusalem. 33Ner begot Kish and Kish begot Saul, (whom became king). Saul begot Jonathan, Malchi-shua, Abinadab and Esh-baal.

34The son of Jonathan was Merib-baal and Merib-baal begot Micah. 35The sons of Micah were: Pithon, Melech, Tarea and Ahaz. 36Ahaz begot Jehoadah and Jehoadah begot Alemeth, Azmaveth, Zimri. And Zimri begot Moza. 37Moza begot Binea: Rapha his son, Eleasah his son, Azel his son. 38Azel had six sons: Azrikam, Bocheru, Ishmael, Sheariah, Obadiah and Hanan. 39The sons of Eshek his brother was: Ulam his firstborn, Jehush and Eliphelet. 40The sons of Ulam were mighty men of valor and had many sons along with their sons', one hundred fifty in all. All of these were the sons of Benjamin.

1st Chronicles: chapter 9
The first of the Israelites to return to Jerusalem.

1Likewise, all of Israel was reckoned by genealogies, written in the book of the kings of Israel and at that time Judah was carried away to Babylon, because of their transgression to the LORD. 2After their exile, the first people to dwell in their home lands were, the Israelites, the priests, the Levites and the Nethinims, (the temple servants). 3The people of Judah, Benjamin, Ephraim and Manasseh, dwelt in Jerusalem.

4Uthai the son of Ammihud, the son of Omri, the son of Imri, the son of Bani, of the family of Pharez the son of Judah. 5Of the Shilonites were: Asaiah the firstborn and his sons. 6Of the sons of Zerah were: Jeuel and their brethren, were six hundred ninety. 7Of the sons of Benjamin were: Sallu the son of Meshullam, the son of Hodaviah, the son of Hasenuah, 8Ibneiah the son of Jeroham, Elah the son of Uzzi, Meshullam the son of Shephathiah. 9And their brethren, according to their generations, nine hundred fifty-six chief men.

10Of the priests were: Jedaiah, Jehoiarib and Jachin, 11Azariah the ruler of the house of God; 12Adaiah the son of Jeroham. 13Their brethren and heads of the house of their fathers, one thousand seven hundred sixty able men for the work of the service of the house of God.

The Levites and their responsibilities.

14Of the Levites were: Shemaiah the son of Hasshub. 15Bakbakkar, Heresh, Galal and Mattaniah the son of Micah. 16Obadiah the son of Shemaiah and Berechiah the son of Asa, that dwelt in the villages of the Netophathites.

17The porters were: Shallum, whom was chief, Akkub, Talmon, Ahiman and their brethren. 18And they served in the east gate of the king, for they were gatekeepers for the Levites. 19Shallum the son of Kore and his brethren of the house of Korahites, were over the work of keeping the gates of the tabernacle. And their fathers were over keepers of the entrance of the LORD. 20Phinehas the son of Eleazar was the ruler over the gatekeepers in the past, for the Lord was with him. 21And Zechariah the son of Meshelemiah was a gatekeeper of the door of the tabernacle of the congregation. 22All who were chosen to be gatekeepers were two hundred twelve and were ordained by king David and Samuel the seer, for duty within their office.

23These were the duties of the servants of the LORD, recorded according to their responsibilities. 24The gatekeepers were divided into four units: east, west, north and south. 25Their brothers who lived in the villages, would come after seven days to relieve them. 26But, the four chief gatekeepers of the Levites were over the chambers and the treasuries of the house of God. 27And they stayed in the house of God, because they were responsible to open the doors every morning. 28Certain of them were also responsibilities of monitoring and keeping a tally of the ministering vessels. 29Some were appointed to oversee the vessels of the sanctuary, the fine flour, the wine, oil, frankincense and the spices. 30While some of the sons of the priests made an ointment from the spices. 31Mattithiah, a Levites and the firstborn of Shallum, had the office over all things that were made in pans. 32And other brethren, of the sons of the Kohathites, were over the showbread, to prepare it every Sabbath.

33The singers, all of them were chiefs of the Levites, who permanently remained in the chambers, for they were employed in that work day and night. 34They were all Levites and chiefs in their generations and they dwelt at Jerusalem.

The family of king Saul.

35At the city of Gibeon dwelt the father of Gibeon, his wife's name was Maachah: 36Gibeon's firstborn son was: Abdon, then Zur, Kish, Baal, Ner, Nadab, 37Gedor, Ahio, Zechariah and Mikloth. 38And Mikloth begot Shimeam and dwelt with his brethren over at Jerusalem. 39Ner begot Kish and Kish begot Saul, (who became king). Saul begot Jonathan, Malchi-shua, Abinadab and Esh-baal. 40The son of Jonathan was Merib-baal and Merib-baal begot Micah. 41The sons of Micah were: Pithon, Melech, Tahrea and Ahaz. 42Ahaz begot Jarah and Jarah begot Alemeth, Azmaveth, Zimri and Zimri begot Moza. 43Moza begot Binea, Rephaiah, Eleasah and Azel. 44And Azel had six sons: Azrikam, Bocheru, Ishmael, Sheariah, Obadiah and Hanan.

1st Chronicles: chapter 10
The death of king Saul and his sons, this is also recorded in, 1st Samuel 31.

1When the Philistines fought against Israel, the Israelites fled and were killed at Mount Gilboa. 2And the Philistines followed hard after king Saul and his sons. And they killed Saul's sons: Jonathan, Abinadab and Malchi-shua. 3The battle also went badly for king Saul and he was wounded by an arrow. 4King Saul then said to his armourbearer, thrust me through with your sword. Least I be abused by these uncircumcised men. But, his armourbearer refused to do so, so king Saul fell upon his own sword. 5When Saul's armourbearer saw that he was dead, he also fell on his sword and died. 6So Saul died, along with his three sons and his entire house died together.

7When the men of Israel that were in the valley saw that Saul and his sons were dead, they then fled out of their own cities and the Philistines came and dwelt in them. 8The next day when the Philistines came to strip the slain, they found Saul and his sons dead in Mount Gilboa. 9And when they had stripped him, they took his head and his armor and sent them around the cities of the Philistines. Proclaiming to all the people the victory that their false gods and their idols had given them. 10They put Saul's armor in the house of their gods and placed his head in the temple of their false god Dagon. 11However when the Israelites of Jabesh-gilead heard what the Philistines had done to Saul. 12All their valiant men took away the body of Saul and of his sons, bringing them to Jabesh, where they buried them and then the men fasted for seven days.

13Thus Saul died for his transgression which he committed against the Word of the LORD and for inquiring of counsel of one that had a familiar spirit. (NOTE: Saul's three transgressions were: failing to wait for Samuel at Gilgal, not completely destroying all the Amalekites and inquiring of the witch of Endor) 14Saul did not inquire of the LORD, therefore, the LORD killed him and turned the kingdom over to David the son of Jesse.

1st Chronicles: chapter 11

1Then, (after the death of Ishbosheth, Saul's son) all Israel gathered themselves to David at Hebron and said: We are your people, of your own flesh and blood. 2In time past, even when Saul was king, you were the one who really led us and moreover, the LORD your God said to you that you would be the ruler and feed your people of Israel. 3So all the elders of Israel came to David in Hebron, there David made a covenant with them before the LORD and they anointed David king over Israel, according to the Word of the LORD spoken by Samuel.

4David and all Israel then went to Jerusalem, that was now occupied by the Jebusites. 5And the Jebusites said to David, you shall not enter this city. Nevertheless, David took the stronghold of Zion, which is the city of David. 6And David said to the Israelites: Whosoever is the first to strike the Jebusites shall become chief and captain of the army. So Joab the son of Zeruiah went up first and he was made captain. 7David dwelt in the stronghold and it was called the city of David. (NOTE: Taking back Jerusalem is also recorded in, 2nd Samuel 5:6-10) 8They expanded the city, to Millo all around and Joab repaired the rest of the city. 9And David prospered and grew great, for the LORD was with him.

10These are the mighty men whom David had, who strengthened themselves with him in his kingdom, making him king, according to the Word of the LORD concerning Israel. 11The captain of David's mighty men was: Jashobeam son of a Hachmonite, he was head of thirty men. For he once took on with his spear and wounded three hundred men at once. 12After him was Eleazar the son of Dodo, the Ahohite, who was one of David's three mighty men. 13He was with David at the battle of Pas-dammim and there the Philistines gathered and the Israel army fled. 14However each of the thirty mighty men, stood in the midst of the battle field and delivered it, killing the Philistines, for the LORD saved them by a great deliverance.

15-16When David was held up in the cave of Adullam, three of the mighty men went down to him, while the armies of the Philistines were encamped in the valley of Rephaim and preparing for battle at Bethlehem. 17And David said, longingly: Oh that I would again have a drink of water from the well of Bethlehem at the gate of the city! 18So the three mighty men broke through the armies of the Philistines and drew water from the well of Bethlehem and brought it to David. However, David would not drink it, but rather poured it out on the ground to the LORD. 19Saying; Far be it from me, according to my God that I should do such a thing, shall I drink the blood of these men that have put their lives in jeopardy? (NOTE: this account is also told in 2nd Samuel 23:13).

20Abishai the brother of Joab, was chief of the three, for battling and killing three hundred at once, thus he earned a name among the three. 21He was the head of the three, for he was the most honorable, however, he did not need to be over these first three. 22Benaiah the son of Jehoiada, also a valiant man of Kabzeel. Slew the two fierce sons of Ariel of Moab and he killed a lion in a pit on a snowy day. 23He also slew an Egyptian of great stature, 7.5 feet tall. The Egyptian had a spear in his hand, like a weaver's beam and Benaiah went to him with a mere club, plucked the spear out of the Egyptian's hand and slew him with his own spear. 24These are the things that Benaiah the son of Jehoiada, was known for among the three mighty men. 25He was honorable among the thirty mighty men, but did not attain to the top three and king David set him over his personal guard.

26The listing of the valiant men of the armies were: Asahel the brother of Joab, Elhanan the son of Dodo of Bethlehem, 27Shammoth the Harorite, Helez the Pelonite, 28Ira the son of Ikkesh the Tekoite, Abi-ezer the Antothite, 29Sibbechai the Hushathite, Ilai the Ahohite, 30Maharai the Netophathite, Heled the son of Baanah the Netophathite, 31Ithai the son of Ribai of Gibeah, that pertained to the children of Benjamin, Benaiah the Pirathonite. 32Hurai of the brooks of Gaash, Abiel the Arbathite, 33Azmaveth the Baharumite, Eliahba the Shaalbonite, 34The sons of Hashem the Gizonite, Jonathan the son of Shage the Hararite, 35Ahiam the son of Sacar the Hararite, Eliphal the son of Ur, 36Hepher the Mecherathite, Ahijah the Pelonite, 37Hezro the Carmelite, Naarai the son of Ezbai, 38Joel the brother of Nathan, Mibhar the son of Haggeri, 39Zelek the Ammonite, Naharai the Berothite, the armourbearer of Joab the son of Zeruiah. 40Ira the Ithrite, Gareb the Ithrite, 41Uriah the Hittite, Zabad the son of Ahlai, 42Adina the son of Shiza the Reubenite, a captain of the Reubenites and thirty with him, 43Hanan the son of Maachah and Joshaphat the Mithnite, 44Uzzia the Ashterathite, Shama and Jehiel the sons of Hothan the Aroerite, 45Jediael the son of Shimri and Joha his brother, the Tizite, 46Eliel the Mahavite, Jeribai and Joshaviah, the sons of Elnaam and Ithmah the Moabite, 47Eliel, Obed and Jasiel the Mesobaite.

1st Chronicles: chapter 12

1These are the men, that were among the mighty men, that came to David to Ziklag, during the time when he was running from king Saul, the son of Kish. 2They were armed with bows and could use either hand in hurling stones and shooting arrows and they were of Saul's tribe, the tribe of Benjamin. 3The chief was Ahiezer and after him was Joash, then the sons of Shemaah, the Gibeathite, Jeziel, Pelet, the sons of Azmaveth, Berachah and Jehu the Antothite, 4Ismaiah the Gibeonite, a mighty man among the thirty and over the thirty. Also, Jeremiah, Jahaziel, Johanan and Josabad the Gederathite, 5Eluzai, Jerimoth, Bealiah, Shemariah and Shephatiah the Haruphite. 6Elkanah, Jesiah, Azareel, Joezer and Jashobeam the Korhites. 7Joelah, Zebadiah and the sons of Jeroham of Gedor.

8And these are the valiant men of might fit for war, from the tribe of Gad that became loyal to David, even staying with him in the wilderness. 9Ezer was the first, then Obadiah, Eliab, 10Mishmannah, Jeremiah, 11Attai, Eliel, 12Johanan, Elzabad, 13Jeremiah, Machbanai. 14These were the sons of Gad, captains of the army. Even the least of these men was over a hundred and the greatest of these was over a thousand men. 15These men crossed over the Jordan river in the first month, when it was overflowing its banks, causing all in the valley to flee.

16Some men of Benjamin and Judah came to David in the wilderness, (NOTE: this was when David was running from king Saul). 17And David went out to meet them and said to them, If you have come to me in peace, then my heart shall be one with yours. But if you have come to betray me, seeing that I have done no wrong, may the God of our fathers judge you and rebuke you. 18Then God's spirit came upon Amasai, who was chief of the captains and he said; We come in peace and are on your side, peace be to you and to the men who are with you, for God is with you and he is helping you.

19Also, some of men of Manasseh came to David, when he was dwelling in the land of the Philistines and the Philistines were going to war against Saul. But, the lords of the Philistines sent David and his men away. For they counseled that when David was in the battle, his loyalty would turn to his master Saul and this would be at the jeopardy of our own lives, ( 1st Samuel chapter 23). 20As David stayed in Ziklag, the men of the tribe of Manasseh that gathered to him were: Adnah, Jozabad, Jediael, Michael, Jozabad, Elihu and Zilthai. Men who had been captains of thousands. 21And they helped David against the enemy, for they were all mighty men of valor and several became captains in his army. 22During that time many men came to David to help him, until he had a great army, much like the army of God.

23These were the numbers of the armies that were ready for war, that came to David in Hebron. To turn the kingdom from Saul to David, according to the Word of the LORD. 24The men of Judah prepared for war were sixty-eight hundred. 25The men of Simeon, prepared for war were seven-one hundred. 26The men of Levi were forty-six hundred. 27Jehoiada was the leader of the priests and with him were thirty-seven hundred. 28And at that time a priest name Zadok, a young man mighty of valor, came from his father's house with twenty-two chief men. 29Of the men of Benjamin, the very tribe of Saul, came three thousand men. For the majority of the men remained loyal to Saul. 30The men of Ephraim were twenty thousand eight hundred, renowned mighty men of valor. 31The men from the half tribe of Manasseh were eighteen thousand, who were called out by name to help restore the two kingdoms to David. 32Two hundred heads of Issachar came out as strategists understanding the times and knowing what Israel must do, having their brethren at their command. 33The men of Zebulun, trained in war and having gone to battle, loyal to David were fifty thousand, 34Of the men of Naphtali, there were one thousand captains, leading thirty-seven thousand armed men. 35Of the men of Dan there were twenty-eight thousand six hundred that were expert in war. 36Of Asher there were forty thousand men expert in battle. 37Of Reuben, Glad and the half tribe of Manasseh, on the other side of the Jordan there came one hundred twenty thousand men prepared for war.

38These were men of war that could march in rank and they came to Hebron with the purpose of making David king over all of Israel. 39There they spent three days with David, eating and drinking the food their brethren had prepared for them. 40And people came from the territories as far away as Issachar, Zebulun and Naphtali, bringing bread on donkeys, camels, mules and oxen, meat, meal, cakes of figs, bunches of raisins, wine, oil, oxen and an abundant number of sheep, for there was great joy in all of Israel.

1st Chronicles: chapter 13
David's first attempt to move the Ark of the LORD to Jerusalem, (the city of David).

1David then consulted with his leaders and captions. 2Asking them; If it seemed good to them and if it is of the LORD our God, to send word throughout the land to our brethren, also to the priests and Levites to gather themselves to us. 3Then we shall bring the Ark of the LORD to us, for it has not been inquired of in the days of king Saul. 4And all the congregation said that they would do so, for the thing was right in the eyes of all the people.

5So David gathered all Israel together, to bring the Ark of the LORD back from Kirjath-jearim. 6Then David went up with all Israel to Kirjath-jearim, that belongs to Judah, to bring up the Ark of the LORD. 7And they carried the Ark of the LORD on a new cart, from the house of Abinadab, with his two sons, Uzza and Ahio driving the cart. 8And David and all Israel celebrated before God with all their might, singing, with harps, psalteries, timbrels, cymbals and trumpets.

9However when they came to the threshing floor of Chidon, Uzza put forth his hand to steady the Ark of the LORD, for the oxen stumbled. 10And the anger of the LORD was kindled against Uzza and He struck him, because he put his hand on the Ark, so there Uzza died before God. 11This displeased David and David named that place Perez-uzza, (the name means: breakthrough, because the LORD made a breach upon Uzza).

NOTE: (The Philistines returned the Ark on a new cart, 1st Samuel chapter 6, but this was not the proper way for the Israelites to carry the Ark)

12That day David feared the LORD God and he wondered; How he would ever bring the Ark of the LORD God back to the city of David? 13So David left the Ark there and simply had it carried into the house of Obed-edom the Gittite. 14So the Ark of the LORD God remained with the family of Obed-edom in his house three months. And the LORD blessed the house of Obed-edom and all that he had.

1st Chronicles: chapter 14

1Now Hiram the king of Tyre sent messengers to David, supplying him also with, timber of cedars, masons and carpenters, to build him a house. 2David then perceived that the LORD had confirmed him to be king over Israel, for his kingdom was highly exalted by his people of Israel.

3While at Jerusalem, David took for himself more wives and he begot more sons and daughters. 4These are the names of his children which he had in Jerusalem; Shammua, Shobab, Nathan and Solomon, 5Ibhar, Elishua, Elpalet, 6Nogah, Nepheg, Japhia, 7Elishama, Beeliada and Eliphalet.

8However when the Philistines heard that David was anointed king over all of Israel. They came out in force to seize him and when David heard of it, he came out against them. 9The Philistines set their camp in the valley of Rephaim, within the land of Judah. 10And David inquired of God, if he should fight against the Philistines, if God would give the Israelites the victory? And the LORD said to David; Go up; for I will give you the victory.

11The two armies met at Baal-perazim and David won the victory there. David then proclaimed, By my hand, God has broken my enemies, therefore, he called the name of that place Baal-perazim. (the name means: Lord of the breakthrough) 12The Philistines left their false gods there in the fields and David gave a commandment, to have them all burned with fire.

13But the Philistines regrouped themselves back in the valley of Baal-perazim. 14So David again inquired of God and God said to him; Do not go directly after them, but come upon them from the trees of forest from behind. 15 And when you hear them through the tops of the trees, then you shall engage them in battle. For I will have gone before you and will have struck the armies of the Philistines.

16So David did as God commanded him and they struck the armies of the Philistines from Gibeon all the way to Gazer. 17And the fame of David went out into all lands and the LORD brought the fear of him upon all nations.

1st Chronicles: chapter 15

1David then built houses in the city of David and prepared a tent for the Ark of the LORD. 2Giving instructions, that the Ark of the LORD should only be carried by the Levites, for the LORD has chosen them to carry the Ark and to minister to Him forever. 3So he had all of Israel gather at Jerusalem, to bring up the Ark of the LORD to the place that he prepared for it. 4So David assembled the children of Aaron and the Levites. 5Of the sons of Kohath; Uriel the chief and his brethren were one hundred twenty. 6Of the sons of Merari; Asaiah the chief and his brethren were two hundred twenty. 7Of the sons of Gershom; Joel the chief and his brethren were one hundred thirty. 8Of the sons of Elizaphan; Shemaiah the chief and his brethren were two hundred. 9Of the sons of Hebron; Eliel the chief and his brethren were eighty. 10Of the sons of Uzziel; Amminadab the chief and his brethren were one hundred twelve.

11David then called for Zadok and Abiathar the priests, for the Levites, for Uriel, Asaiah, Joel, Shemaiah, Eliel and Amminadab. 12Saying to them; You are the chief of the Levites. Therefore, sanctify yourselves, that you may bring up the Ark of the LORD God of Israel to the place that I have prepared for it. 13For when we first attempted to move the Ark, the Lord's wrath came upon us, for we did not follow His set ordinances, chapter 13.

14So the priests and the Levites sanctified themselves, so they could carry the Ark of the LORD God of Israel. 15And the Levites carried the Ark of the LORD God, with the poles of the Ark upon their shoulders, as Moses had commanded them according to the Word of the LORD. 16David also had the chief of the Levites appoint their brethren as singers with instruments of psalteries, harps and cymbals, lifting up their voices with joy. 17So the Levites appointed Heman the son of Joel and his brethren, Asaph the son of Berechiah and the sons of Merari and Ethan the son of Kushaiah; 18And the men of the second rank were; Zechariah, Ben, Jaaziel, Shemiramoth, Jehiel, Unni, Eliab, Benaiah, Maaseiah, Mattithiah, Elipheleh, Mikneiah, Obed-edom, Jeiel and the porters.

19The singers; Heman, Asaph and Ethan, were appointed to play the cymbals of brass. 20Zechariah, Aziel, Shemiramoth, Jehiel, Unni, Eliab, Maaseiah and Benaiah, were appointed psalteries to play the melody. 21Mattithiah, Elipheleh, Mikneiah, Obed-edom, Jeiel and Azaziah, were given harps to set in place the harmony. 22Chenaniah, chief of the Levites, was instructed in song, because he was skilful. 23Berechiah and Elkanah were gatekeepers of the Ark. 24Shebaniah, Jehoshaphat, Nethaneel, Amasai, Zechariah, Benaiah and Eliezer, the priests, blew the trumpets before the Ark of the LORD God. With Obed-edom and Jehiah also being gatekeepers of the Ark.

25So David, along with the elders of Israel and the chief captains, joyfully went to bring the Ark of the Covenant of the LORD up from the house of Obed-edom. 26And God aided the Levites as they carried the Ark of the Covenant of the LORD, for they had offered seven bullocks and seven rams, in the beginning. 27And David along with all the Levites that carried the Ark of the LORD, the singers and Chenaniah the master of the song with the singers, were all clothed with a robe of fine linen, plus David also had on an ephod of linen. 28Thus as the Ark of the Covenant of the LORD was carried up with shouting, the sound of trumpets, cymbals, psalteries and harps. 29And as the Ark of the Covenant of the LORD came to the city of David, David's wife Michal, the daughter of Saul. Looked out a window and saw king David dancing and playing and she despised him in her heart.

1st Chronicles: chapter 16

1So they placed the Ark of the LORD in the center of the tent that David had set up for it and they offered burnt and peace offerings before God. 2When David had completed all the offerings, he blessed the people in the name of the LORD. 3Giving to every Israelite, both man and woman, a loaf of bread, a portion of meat and a cake of raisins.

4David then appointed certain of the Levites to minister before the Ark of the LORD God, to celebrate the past signs and wonders of the LORD and to worship and praise the LORD God of Israel. 5Asaph was the person in charge, next to him was Zechariah, Jeiel, Shemiramoth, Jehiel, Mattithiah, Eliab, Benaiah, Obed-edom and Jeiel all playing musical instruments with Asaph on the cymbals. 6The priests Benaiah and Jahaziel, blew the trumpets continually before the Ark of the Covenant of the LORD God.

7On that day David assigned Asaph to give regular praise to the LORD, giving him the below psalm. (NOTE: The below text or thoughts are found in three psalms, Psalm 96, Psalm 105 and Psalm 106).

8Give thanks to the LORD, call upon His name and make known His signs and wonders among all the people. 9Singing psalms and praises to the LORD and talking of all His wonderful works. 10To glory in His holy name, letting the heart of them rejoice that seek the LORD. 11Continually seeking the LORD and His strength. 12Remembering His judgments, His marvelous works and wonders that He has done. 13Children of Israel, you are the LORD's servant and His chosen ones.

14He is the LORD our God and His judgments abound in all the earth. 15Always being mindful of His covenant and Word that He commanded to a thousand generations. 16Of the covenant that He made with Abraham and His oath He gave to Isaac. 17Having also confirmed His covenant to Jacob as a law and to Israel as an everlasting covenant. 18Saying to Israel, I will give the land of Canaan to you, as your inheritance. 19Even though you are few in number, strangers and temporary residents in the land.

20The Israelites wandered from nation to nation and from one kingdom to another people. 21Yet the LORD protected them, allowing no man to harm, He even reproved kings for their sakes, Genesis 12:17, 20:3. 22Saying, do not touch My anointed and do not harm My prophets.

23Let all the earth sing to the LORD, daily proclaim His salvation. 24Declare His glory and His marvelous works among the pagan nations. 25For great is the LORD and greatly to be praised, He is to be feared above all gods. 26For the images the people call gods are but idols, but the LORD God has made the heavens. 27Glory and honor are found in His presence, strength and gladness are found within His sanctuary.

28Let all the people ascribe to the LORD glory and strength. 29Give to the LORD the glory rightfully due Him, bring an offering and come before Him, with the beauty of holiness. 30Let all the people of the earth fear Him, so that the earth can be established and unmovable. 31Let the heavens be glad and the earth rejoice and every man proclaim among the nations that the LORD reigns. 32Let all that is in the sea roar and all that is in the fields rejoice. 33Then even the trees of the forest shall sing out at the LORD's presence, for He has come to judge the earth.

34Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good, His mercy endures forever. 35And say of Him; LORD God of our salvation, gather us together and save us, deliver us from the nations, that we may give thanks to Your holy name and glory in Your praise. 36Blessed be the LORD God of Israel forever and ever.

And all the people said, Amen. and praised and worshiped the LORD.

37Then David left that place, leaving Asaph and his brethren to minister before the Ark of the Covenant continually, as the daily work required. 38Obed-edom the son of Jeduthun along with sixty-eight of his brethren were gatekeepers. 39And David left Zadok the priest and his brethren whom were also priests, to serve before the tabernacle of the LORD in the high place at Gibeon. 40To offer burnt offerings to the LORD, according as is written in the law of the LORD and commanded of Israel, every morning and every evening. 41With them were Heman and Jeduthun and other chosen ones called by name, to give thanks to the LORD, for His mercy endures forever. 42Heman and Jeduthun were in charge of distributing the musical instruments to those who were elected to play. And the sons of Jeduthun were gatekeepers. 43Then all the people returned to their homes and David also returned to bless his household.

1st Chronicles: chapter 17

1As David sat in his house, he said to Nathan the prophet; I dwell in a house of cedars, but the Ark of the Covenant of the LORD remains under a tent. 2Then Nathan said to David, Do all that is in your heart, for God is with you. 3However that same night, the Word of the LORD God came to Nathan, saying;

4Go and tell My servant David that he shall not build Me a house to dwell in. 5For I have not dwelt in a house since the day that I brought up Israel unto this day, but have always been in tents, going from one tabernacle to another. 6All the time I walked with Israel, did I ever speak a word to any of the judges of Israel, that I elected, asking them, Why they had not built Me a house of cedars?

7Therefore, say to My servant David, I brought you out of the sheepfold, to be a ruler over My people of Israel. 8I have been with you wherever you have gone, cutting off your enemies from before you and have made a name for you as the great men of the earth. 9Also I will ordain a place for My people Israel and they shall securely dwell there, nor shall the children of wickedness harm them any more, as they did in the beginning, 10For since the time that I commanded judges to be over My people Israel. I have humbled all their enemies and I have declared to My people that I the LORD would build them a house. 11It shall be that when your days have expired and you are buried. I will raise up a son, from your line and will establish his kingdom. 12He shall build Me a house and I will establish his throne forever. 13I will be his father and he shall be My son, My mercy shall not depart from him, as I have taken it away from those in the past. 14And I will establish his throne in My house and kingdom forever.

15So Nathan spoke to David, according to all of these words and vision. 16Then king David went and sat before the LORD, saying; Who am I, O LORD God and what is My house, that You have brought me this far? 17And LORD God, even this was a small thing in Your eyes, for You have spoken of My family line for a great while to come, regarding me as a man of high degree. 18What more can I say to You, for You have honored Your servant so? Even though You know the inter-most thoughts of Your servant. 19LORD, for Your servant's sake and according to Your own heart, You have done all this greatness, to make known Your greatness. 20LORD, there is none like You, neither is there any God beside You, according to all that we have seen and heard. 21There is no other nation in the earth as Your people of Israel, that You have redeemed as Your own people. To work mighty signs and wonders by, to make for Yourself a name of fear and greatness, by driving out nations, redeeming Your people out of Egypt. 22You established for Yourself Your people of Israel forever and You, LORD, became their God. 23Therefore LORD, let what You have spoken concerning Your servant and his house be established forever. 24May Your name be magnified forever, as the LORD God of Israel. And let the house of David, Your servant be established before You. 25For You have told me that You will build my house, therefore Your servant has found it within his heart to pray before You. 26You are LORD God and yet have promised this goodness to Your servant. 27Therefore may it please You to bless the house of Your servant, that this blessing may be before You forever. For what is blessed of the LORD is blessed forever.

1st Chronicles: chapter 18

1After this David battled with the Philistines and took the major city of Gath and her surrounding towns from the Philistines. 2David also struck Moab and the Moabites became David's servants, required to pay regular taxes. 3David then struck Hadarezer, king of Zobah at Hamath, as David went to establish his dominion by the river Euphrates. 4David took from this king, one thousand chariots, seven thousand horsemen and twenty thousand footmen. And he hamstrung all the chariot horses, keeping only one hundred of the chariots intact.

5And when the Syrians of Damascus came to help Hadarezer king of Zobah, David struck twenty-two thousand of the Syrians. 6Then David stationed troops in Syria-damascus and the Syrians became David's servants and they were also required to pay taxes. Thus the LORD preserved David, wherever he went, verse 17:8. 7And David took the shields of gold that were on the servants of Hadarezer and brought them to Jerusalem. 8Likewise from the cities of Hadarezer, Tibhath and Chun, David pillaged taking much brass, wherewith his son Solomon later made the brazen sea, the two pillars and the vessels of brass, 2nd Chronicles 3:15-4:6 .

9Now when Tou, king of Hamath heard that David had defeated all the armies of Hadarezer king of Zobah. 10He sent Hadoram his son to king David, to inquire of his welfare and to congratulate David, for defeating Hadarezer. (for Hadarezer had previously fought with Tou). 11all the silver and gold that David acquired from the nations, Edom, Moab, Ammon, the Philistines and from Amalek, he dedicated to the LORD.

12Moreover Abishai the son of Zeruiah, (one of David's mighty men), slew eighteen thousand Edomites in the valley of salt. 13David then stationed troops in Edom and all the Edomites became David's servants. Thus the LORD preserved David, wherever he went.

14And David reigned over all of Israel and executed judgment and justice among all his people. 15Joab the son Zeruiah was over the armies, Jehoshaphat the son of Ahilud was recorder. 16Zadok the son of Ahitub and Abimelech the son of Abiathar, were the priests and Shavsha was the scribe. 17Benaiah the son of Jehoiada was over the Cherethites and the Pelethites, forming David's personal bodyguards and the sons of David were chiefs next to the king.

1st Chronicles: chapter 19
David's servants shamed by the people of Ammon, this is also recorded in 2nd Samuel chapter 10.

1After this, Nahash the king of Ammon died and his son reigned as king. 2Now David wished to show kindness to Hanun the son of Nahash, because his father had shown kindness to him. So David sent his servants into the land of Ammon, to comfort Hanun concerning the death of his father. 3However the leaders of Ammon said to Hanun; Do you really think that in honor of your father, David has sent comforters to you? Have not his servants come to spy out the land and determine how to overthrow it?

4So Hanun seized David's servants, shaved them, cut their robes in half at their buttocks and sent them away. 5David was then informed of how the men were treated and he sent servants to them, for the men were greatly ashamed. And David told the men to stay at Jericho until their beards grew back.

6When the people of Ammon realized that they had become detestable to David, Hanun and the people of Ammon sent one thousand talents of silver to hire chariots and horsemen from Mesopotamia and Syria. 7And they hired thirty-two thousand chariots, including the king of Maachah and his people and they came and set up camp in the ancient city of Medeba. And the men of Ammon also came out of their cities and joined forces with them, preparing for the battle.

8When David heard of this, he sent Joab and all the army of the mighty men. 9And the men of Ammon came out and the battle was set before the gate of the city, while the kings that had come along stationed themselves in a nearby field. 10Now when Joab saw that there were two battle fronts, he chose the choice men of Israel to come against the battlefront of the Syrians. 11The rest of the people he put under the command of his brother Abishai and they came against the men of Ammon. 12And Joab said to Abishai; If the Syrians are too strong for us, then come and help us and likewise, if the men of Ammon are too strong for you, then I will help you. 13Be strong and let us strengthen ourselves for our people and for the cities of our God, and let the LORD do whatever is good in His sight.

14Joab and his army then engaged the Syrians in battle and they fled before him. 15And when the men of Ammon saw that the Syrians had fled, they, likewise, fled before Abishai his brother. Abishai then entered into the city of Medeba, (where the foreign armies were camped), while Joab returned to Jerusalem. 16Now when the Syrians saw that they were greatly beaten by Israel, they sent for reinforcements. Calling the Syrians that were beyond the Euphrates river and Shophach the captain of the armies of Hadarezer joined them.

17This was told to David; So he called for the tribes across the Jordan river to come to his aid. And when David had put the men in order they went out against the Syrians. 18But the Syrians again fled before Israel. For the Israelites had killed seven thousand men that fought from chariots, forty thousand footmen, also killing Shophach the captain of their army. 19And when Hadarezer saw that they were beaten badly before Israel, they made peace with David, becoming his servants and the Syrians refused to help the men of Ammon any more.

1st Chronicles: chapter 20

1After that year, at the time when kings go out to battle. Joab led forth the army of Israel and attacked the country of Ammon and their capital city of Rabbah. But, David stayed at Jerusalem, while Joab destroyed Rabbah. 2David then took the crown of their king off his head, the weight of it was a talent of gold, having precious stones in it and he set it on his head. David also brought forth an abundance of spoil from the city, 2nd Samuel 12:30. 3David brought the people that were in the city out and set them to work as slaves, cutting with saws, using tools of iron and axes. David dealt in this manor with all the cities of Ammon. Then David and the Israelites returned to Jerusalem.

4After this there arose war in the city of Gezer with the Philistines. At that time Sibbechai the Hushathite, (one of David's mighty men), killed Sippai, one of the giants in the land. 5And there was war again with the Philistines and Elhanan the son of Jair, (another one of David's mighty men), killed Lahmi, the brother of Goliath the Gittite, whose spear staff was like a weaver's beam. 6Yet again there was war at the Philistine city of Gath. And there was a man there of great stature, who had six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot, a son of a giant. 7But when the giant defied Israel, Jonathan the son of Shimea David's brother killed him. 8All these were born as giants within Gath, but they fell by the hand of David and by the hand of his servants.

1st Chronicles: chapter 21
David counts the people of Israel, this is also recorded in 2nd Samuel chapter 24.

1Now Satan, the adversary, came against Israel and provoked David to number the people of Israel. 2David then instructed Joab and the rulers of the people to number the people of Israel, so that he might know of the number. 3And Joab answered, saying; May the LORD increase His people a hundred fold, if you wish. But, my lord the king, are not the people all your servants, why then do such a thing, this will be a trespass to Israel. 4Nevertheless the king's word prevailed against Joab. And Joab departed, going throughout all Israel counting the people and then he returned to Jerusalem.

5Joab then gave David the sum of one million one hundred thousand men able to go to war and Judah was four hundred seventy thousand men able to go to war. 6But Joab did not count the tribes of Levi or Benjamin, because the king's word was abominable to Joab.

7And the act of counting the people, (NOTE: relying on people and their numbers) was displeasing to God, therefore He struck Israel. 8And David said before God, I have greatly sinned, but now I beg of You to do away the iniquity of Your servant, for I have done foolishly. 9And the LORD spoke to Gad, David's prophet and said;

10-11This is what the LORD says; 'I offer him three options: choose one of them and I shall carry it out. 12There shall either be three years famine, three months of war, while the enemies overtakes you or three days the sword of the LORD and disease in the land throughout all of Israel'. Therefore tell me of your answer, that I can return to Him who sent me.

13And David said to Gad; I am greatly distressed. Let me fall now into the hands of the LORD, for great are His mercies, but let me not fall into the hands of man.

14So the LORD sent disease upon Israel and seventy thousand men of Israel fell. 15And God sent an angel to Jerusalem to destroy it. And as he was destroying it, the LORD looked and said to the angel, Enough! And the angel of the LORD was standing by the threshing-floor of Ornan the Jebusite.

16David then lifted up his eyes and saw the angel of the LORD standing between the earth and heaven, having a drawn sword in his hand stretched out over Jerusalem. Then David and the elders of Israel, who were clothed in sackcloth, fell on their faces. 17David then said to God; I alone have commanded the people to be numbered, it is I who have sinned and done evil. But, as for these people, they have done nothing wrong, let Your hand be on me and my father's house; but not on the Your people.

18Then the angel of the LORD commanded Gad, (David's prophet), to say to David, that he should go and build an altar to the LORD at the threshing-floor of Ornan the Jebusite. 19So David went up at the Gad's words, for they were the words of the LORD.

20Ornan was at the threshing-floor threshing wheat and when he saw the angel he turned back and his four sons with him took cover and hid themselves. 21Now when Ornan saw David coming to him, he came out from the threshing-floor and bowed himself to David with his face to the ground. 22And David said to Ornan; Grant me the place of your threshing-floor, that I may build an altar here to the LORD. I shall give you the full price of the floor, so that the plague may be stopped from further harming the people.

23But Ornan said to David; My lord the king can take it for himself and do what seems good in his eyes. More so I also give to you the oxen for burnt offerings, all the threshing instruments for wood and the wheat for the grain offering.

24And king David said to Ornan; No, I shall buy it for the full price: for how can I offer a sacrifice to the LORD that has cost me nothing? 25So David gave Ornan six hundred shekels of gold, for the threshing-floor.

26And David built there an altar to the LORD, offering burnt and peace offerings and he called upon the LORD. And the LORD answered from heaven by fire upon the altar. 27Then the LORD commanded the angel to put his sword back into the sheath. 28And when David saw that the LORD had answered him in the threshing-floor, he continued to sacrifice there. 29For the tabernacle of the LORD, which Moses made in the wilderness and the altar of burnt offerings, were at the high place at Gibeon. 30And David could not go before it to inquire of God: for he was afraid because of the sword of the angel of the LORD.

1st Chronicles: chapter 22

1After the plague had been stopped, David announced to the people that this was now the place of the house of the LORD God and this is the altar of the burnt offerings for all of Israel. 2David then called all the non-Israelites who were in the land to work as stonecutters to hew out stones to build the house of God. 3Iron for nails was prepared in abundance and brass was supplied without measure. 4Also an abundance of cedar trees were sent from the Zidonians and the people of Tyre.

5And David thought; My son Solomon is young and inexperienced and the house of the LORD, that is to be build must be exceeding magnificent and needs to display the glory spoken of throughout every country. Therefore, before my death I will make preparations for it.

6Then he called for his son Solomon and instructed him to build a house for the LORD God of Israel. 7And David said to Solomon; It was in my desire to build a house for the LORD my God. 8But the Word of the LORD came to me, saying; You have shed much blood through many great wars. Therefore, you shall not build a house unto My name, because You have shed much blood on the earth in My sight. 9However a son shall be born to You, who will be a man of rest. I will give him rest from all his enemies around him and it will be a time of great peace and quietness for all of Israel and his name shall Solomon, (the name Solomon means: peaceful) 10He shall build a house for My name, he shall be My son and I will be his Father and I will establish his kingdom over Israel forever. 11May the LORD be with you, my son and prosper you. Now go build the house of the LORD your God, as He has spoken of you. 12Only the LORD can give you wisdom and understanding and direct you concerning all of Israel, even to keep the law of the LORD your God. 13If you carefully keep and fulfill the statutes and judgments of the LORD, that He charged Moses with concerning Israel, then you shall prosper. Now be strong and of good courage, fear not, nor be intimidated.

14Now I have taken much care to prepare for the house of the LORD, materials of one hundred thousand talents of gold, one million talents of silver, brass and iron without measure, an abundance of timbers and prepared stones. 15I have an abundance of workmen, stonecutters, carpenters and craftsmen for every manner of work. 16Of gold, silver, brass and iron, therefore, arise and start the work and may the LORD be with you.

17And David also commanded all the princes of Israel to help Solomon his son, saying; 18Is it not obvious that the LORD your God is with you? For He has given us rest on every side, for He has given the inhabitants of the land into our hands and the land and the people are at peace. 19Therefore, set your heart and soul to seek the LORD your God. Arise and start work on the sanctuary of the LORD God. Bring the Ark of the Covenant of the LORD and the holy vessels of God into the house of the LORD.

1st Chronicles: chapter 23

1Now when David was old and his days had been fulfilled, he made his son Solomon king over Israel.

2And he gathered all the nobles of Israel together with the priests and the Levites. 3All the Levites over the age of thirty years and older, (able to do the work of the ministry, Numbers 4:3), were numbered at thirty-eight thousand. 4Twenty-four thousand were assigned to oversee the work on the house of the LORD, six thousand were officers and judges. 5Four thousand were gatekeepers and four thousand praised the LORD with musical instruments.

6David then divided the sons of Levi into groupings, calling them by their family name: Gershon, Kohath and Merari.

7Of the Gershonites were: Libni and Shimi. 8The three sons of Libni were: Jehiel, the head, Zetham and Joel. 9The three sons of Shimei were: Shelomith, Haziel and Haran, all were heads of the family of Libni. 10The four sons of Shimei were: Jahath, Zina, Jeush and Beriah. 11Jahath was the chief, Zizah was second, but Jeush and Beriah did not have many sons. Therefore, they were all counted under their father's house.

12The sons of Kohath were: Amram, Ishar, Hebron and Uzziel. 13The sons of Amram were: Aaron and Moses Aaron and his sons were separated unto the LORD, to sanctify the most holy things, to burn incense before the LORD, to minister to the LORD and to bless others, in His name forever. 14 Now concerning Moses, the man of God, his sons were counted within the tribe of Levi. 15The sons of Moses were: Gershom and Eliezer. 16The son of Gershom was: Shebuel a chief. 17The son of Eliezer was: Rehabiah a chief. And Rehabiah had many other sons. 18The sons of Izhar were: Shelomith a chief. 19The sons of Hebron were: Jeriah the firstborn, Amariah, Jahaziel and Jekameam. 20The sons of Uzziel were: Michah the firstborn and Jesiah.

21The sons of Merari were: Mahli and Mushi. The sons of Mahli were: Eleazar and Kish. 22Eleazar died having no sons, but rather daughters. And the brethren of the sons of Kish took them as wives. 23The sons of Mushi were: Mahli, Eder and Jeremoth.

24These were the sons and the chiefs of Levi that were counted and did the work for the service of the house of the LORD, from the age of twenty years and older.

25David then said to the people; The LORD God of Israel has given rest to His people, that we may dwell in Jerusalem forever. 26For there shall no longer be a need for the Levites to move the tabernacle, since it will rest in Jerusalem forever. 27And the last count of the Levites that David did, they were numbered from twenty years and older. 28Because their duties were to wait on the sons of Aaron for the maintenance of the service of the house of the LORD. 29For the care of the showbread, the fine flour for grain offerings, for the unleavened cakes and for all that is baked or fried in a pan along with all ingredients that are measured or weighed. 30They were to be present every morning and every evening, to give thank and praise to the LORD. 31And they were given the orders to offer all burnt sacrifices to the LORD, on the Sabbath and the feast days continually before the LORD. 32And that they should oversee the Tabernacle of the Congregation, the Holy Place and attend to the sons of Aaron, doing the service of the house of the LORD.

1st Chronicles: chapter 24

1Now there were also divisions of the sons of Aaron, they were: Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar. 2But Nadab and Abihu died before their father Aaron, Leviticus 10:1-3 and they had no children, so Elezar and Ithamar executed the priest's office. 3And David assigned, Zadok of the son of Eleazar and Ahimelech of the son of Ithamar, to their appointed service. 4However there were more chief men found of the sons of Eleazar than of the sons of Ithamar. For they were divided by family line: sixteen chief men among the sons of Eleazar and eight among the sons of Ithamar. 5Therefore men from both family lines were drawn by lot, for the administration work of the house of God and the work of the sanctuary. 6These duties were all recorded for the king and high priests, by Shemaiah a scribe and fellow Levite. That the men of the two households, (Eleazar and Ithamar), would alternate their service for the house of the LORD.

7The first lot came to Jehoiarib, the second to Jedaiah, 8The third to Harim, the forth to Seorim, 9The fifth to Malchijah, the sixth to Mijamin, 10The seventh to Hakkoz, the eighth to Abijah, 11The ninth to Jeshua, the tenth to Shecaniah, 12The eleventh to Eliashib, the twelfth to Jakim, 13The thirteenth to Huppah, the fourteenth to Jeshebeab, 14The fifteenth to Bilgah, the sixteenth to Immer, 15The seventeenth to Hezir, the eighteenth to Aphses, 16The nineteenth to Pethahiah, the twentieth to Jehezekel, 17The twenty-first to Jachin, the twenty-second to Gamul, 18The twenty-third to Delaiah, the twenty-forth to Maaziah. 19This was the order of the men fulfilling their service in the house of the LORD, as the LORD God of Israel had commanded Aaron their father.

20Now the rest of the sons of Levi were these: Shubael was the son of Amram and his son was Jehdeiah. 21Rehabiah's firstborn was Isshiah. 22Shelomoth the Izharite and his son was Jahath. 23The four sons of Hebron were: Jeriah the firstborn, Amariah, Jahaziel and Jekameam. 24Michah the son of Uzziel and his son was Shamir. 25The brother of Michah was Isshiah and his son was Zechariah. 26The sons of Merari were: Mahli and Mushi and the son of Jaaziah was Beno. 27The sons of Merari by Jaaziah were: Beno, Shoham, Zaccur and Ibri. 28Mahli's son was Eleazar, who had no sons. 29The son of Kish was Jerahmeel. 30The sons also of Mushi were: Mahli, Eder, Jerimoth. These were the sons of the Levites after the house of their fathers. 31These men also cast lots over against their brethren the sons of Aaron in the presence of David the king. For Levites shared in the service of the LORD.

1st Chronicles: chapter 25

1Next David and the captains of the priests set the sons of Asaph, Heman and Jeduthun, to prophesy with harps, with instruments and with cymbals. 2The sons of Asaph were: Zaccur, Joseph, Nethaniah and Asarelah and the sons of Asaph prophesied according to the order of the king, under the head of their father Asaph. 3The six sons of Jeduthun were: Gedaliah, Zeri, Jeshaiah, Hashabiah, Mattithiah and Shimei, under the head of their father Jeduthun, prophesied with the harp giving thanks and giving praise to the LORD. 4The sons of Heman were: Bukkiah, Mattaniah, Uzziel, Shebuel, Jerimoth, Hananiah, Hanani, Eliathah, Giddalti, Romamti-ezer, Joshbekashah, Mallothi, Hothir and Mahazioth: 5All of his sons acted as the king's seer in the words of God, blowing horns to praise the LORD. And God gave to Heman fourteen sons and three daughters.

6Each son was under the charge of their father, singing and playing music in the house of the LORD, with cymbals, psalteries and harps, for the service of the house of God, according to the king's order to Asaph, Jeduthun and Heman. 7And the number of the brethren trained and skilled in the songs of the LORD, was two hundred eighty-eight.

8And they cast lots as to their duties, everyone having an equal opportunity both small as the great. 9The first lot came to Joseph, of the family of Asaph, the second to Gedaliah, with his sons and brethren, they were twelve. 10The third to Zaccur, with his sons and his brethren, they were twelve. 11The forth to Izri, with his sons and his brethren, they were twelve. 12The fifth to Nethaniah, with his sons and his brethren they were twelve. 13The sixth to Bukkiah, with his sons and his brethren, they were twelve. 14The seventh to Jesharelah, with his sons and his brethren, they were twelve. 15The eighth to Jeshaiah, with his sons and his brethren, they were twelve. 16The ninth to Mattaniah, with his sons and his brethren, they were twelve. 17The tenth to Shimei, with his sons and his brethren, they were twelve. 18The eleventh to Azareel, with his sons and his brethren, they were twelve. 19The twelfth to Hashabiah, with his sons and his brethren, they were twelve. 20The thirteenth to Shubael, with his sons and his brethren, they were twelve. 21The fourteenth to Mattithiah, with his sons and his brethren, they were twelve. 22The fifteenth to Jeremoth, with his sons and his brethren, they were twelve. 23The sixteenth to Hananiah, with his sons and his brethren, they were twelve. 24The seventeenth to Joshbekashah, with his sons and his brethren, they were twelve. 25The eighteenth to Hanani, with his sons and his brethren they, were twelve. 26The nineteenth to Mallothi, with his sons and his brethren, they were twelve. 27The twentieth to Eliathah, with his sons and his brethren, they were twelve. 28The twenty-first to Hothir, with his sons and his brethren, they were twelve. 29The twenty-second to Giddalti, with his sons and his brethren, they were twelve. 30The twenty-third to Mahazioth, with his sons and his brethren, they were twelve. 31The twenty-forth to Romamti-ezer, with his sons and his brethren, they were twelve.

1st Chronicles: chapter 26

1The divisions of the gatekeepers were of the line of Korah was Meshelemiah the son of Kore, (of the sons of Asaph). 2The sons of Meshelemiah were: Zechariah the firstborn, Jediael, Zebadiah, Jathniel, 3Elam, Jehohanan and Elioenai.

4The sons of Obed-edom were, Shemaiah the firstborn, Jehozabad, Joah, Sacar, Nethaneel, 5Ammiel, Issachar and Peulthai, for God blessed him with eight sons. 6The sons of Shemaiah ruled the house of their father, for they were mighty men. 7And his sons were: Othni, Rephael, Obed, Elzabad, Elihu and Semachiah. 8all the sons of Obed-edom and their sons were sixty-two able men for strength and for service.

9The sons of Meshelemiah were eighteen strong men.

10The sons of Hosah, of the line of Merari, was: Simri was the chief, (although he was not the firstborn, yet his father made him the chief). 11Hilkiah, Tebaliah and Zechariah, all the sons and brethren of Hosah were thirteen. 12Among these were the divisions of the gatekeepers, the duties of the chief men, ministering in the house of the LORD. 13They also cast lots for their assigned duties from the small to the great.

14The lot determining the eastward assignment fell to Shelemiah. And his son Zechariah, a wise counselor, was given the northern assignment. 15Obed-edom was given the southward assignment and to his sons the storehouse of the temple goods was allotted. 16Shuppim and Hosah were given the westward assignment, with the gate called Shallecheth, by the causeway to the highway and the guards stood shoulder to shoulder.

17Per day there would be six scheduled Levites guarding the east-side, four guarding the north-side, four guarding the south-side, two men in the storehouse, 18Four were stationed at the highway, westward and two at the stables. 19These were the assignments of the gatekeepers among the sons of Kore and the sons of Merari.

20Of the Levites, Ahijah was over the treasuries of the house of God. 21Of the family of Gershon, the son of Libni was: Jehieli. 22The sons of Jehieli were: Zetham and Joel his brother and they were over the treasures of the house of the LORD. 23Of the Kohath family, the descendants of the Amramites, the Izharites, the Hebronites and the Uzzielites. 24Shebuel the son of Gershom, the son of Moses, was ruler of the treasures. 25And his brethren by Eliezer, Rehabiah his son, Jeshaiah his son, Joram his son, Zichri his son and Shelomith his son. 26Shelomith and his brethren were over all the treasures of the dedicated things. 27And they dedicated the spoils won in various battles to maintain the house of the LORD. 28Also things dedicated in the past by Samuel the prophet, king Saul, or any of the past nobles, it was all overseen by Shelomith and his brethren.

29Of the family line of Izhar, Chenaniah and his sons were assigned the duties of officers and judges of Israel, outside of the house of the LORD. 30And the men of the families of Hebron: Hashabiah and his brethren, all being men of valor. They were seventeen hundred officers of Israel on the west side of the Jordan river, that did the business of the LORD and the service of the king. 31Among the family line of Hebron; Jeriah was considered the chief, according to the generations of his fathers. For in the fortieth year of the reign of king David the records were sought for and they were found among the records of the David's mighty men of valor at the city of Jazer in Gilead. 32All his brethren were men of valor, were totaling twenty-seven hundred heads of their father's house. That king David made rulers over the tribes of Reuben, Gad and of the half tribe of Manasseh, for every matter pertaining to God and affairs of the king.

1st Chronicles: chapter 27

1The sons of Israel, the chief fathers and commanders and their officers who served the king in any matter, for a month or more within the year were twenty-four thousand within all division. 2-3Over the divisions of the twenty-four thousand men for the first month were Jashobeam the son of Zabdiel and the son of Perez was the head of all the captains of the army. 4Over the divisions of the twenty-four thousand men for the second month were Dodai an Ahohite and Mikloth were the heads of all the captains of the army. 5-6The third commander of the armies in the third month was Benaiah the son of Jehoiada, a chief priest, one of David's three mighty men. And Ammizabad his son was the head of all the captains of the army of the twenty-four thousand men. 7The forth commander of the armies in the forth month was Asahel the brother of Joab and Zebadiah. And his son after him was the head of all the captains of the army of the twenty-four thousand men. 8The fifth commander of the armies in the fifth month was Shamhuth the Izrahite, over all the captains of the army of the twenty-four thousand men. 9The sixth commander of the armies in the sixth month was Ira the son of Ikkesh the Tekoite, over all the captains of the army of the twenty-four thousand men. 10The seventh commander of the armies in the seventh month was Helez the Pelonite, of the tribe of Ephraim, over all the captains of the army of the twenty-four thousand men. 11The eight commander of the armies in the eight month was Sibbecai the Hushathite, of the Zarhites, over all the captains of the army of the twenty-four thousand men. 12The ninth commander of the armies in the ninth month was Abiezer the Anetothite, of the Benjamites, over all the captains of the army of the twenty-four thousand men. 13The tenth commander of the armies in the tenth month was Maharai the Netophathite, of the Zarhites, over all the captains of the army of the twenty-four thousand men. 14The eleventh commander of the armies in the eleventh month was Benaiah the Pirathonite, of the tribe of Ephraim, over all the captains of the army of the twenty-four thousand men. 15The twelfth commander of the armies in the twelfth month was Heldai the Netophathite of Othniel, over all the captains of the army of the twenty-four thousand men.

16The chief officers of the tribes of Israel were: Of the tribe of Reuben was Eliezer, the son of Zichri. Of the tribe of Simeon was Shephatiah, the son of Maachah. 17Of the tribe of Levite was Hashabiah, the son of Kemuel. Of the family of Aaron was Zadok. 18Of the tribe of Judah was Elihu, one of the brethren of David. Of the tribe of Issachar was Omri, the son of Michael. 19Of the tribe of Zebulun was Ishmaiah, the son of Obadiah. Of the tribe of Naphtali was Jerimoth, the son of Azriel. 20Of the tribe of Ephraim was Hoshea, the son of Azaziah. Of the half tribe of Manasseh was Joel, the son of Pedaiah. 21Of the half tribe of Manasseh in Gilead, was Iddo, the son of Zechariah. Of the tribe of Benjamin was Jaasiel, the son of Abner. 22Of the tribe of Dan was Azareel, the son of Jeroham.

23David did not count those of twenty years or younger, for the LORD had said that He would increase Israel as the stars in the heavens. 24However Joab the son of Zeruiah began this task of numbering the younger, but he did not finish it. For at that time the wrath of the LORD came against Israel, nor was the number ever put into the chronicles of king David.

25Over the king's treasury was Azmaveth, the son of Adiel. And over the remote storehouses, in the cities, villages and towns was Jehonathan, the son of Uzziah. 26Over the labors in the fields was Ezri, the son of Chelub. 27Over the administration of the vineyards was Shimei, the Ramathite. And over the produce of the vineyards was Zabdi, the Shiphmite. 28Over the olive trees and sycamore trees was Baal-hanan, the Gederite. And over the cellars of oil was Joash. 29Over the herds that fed in the pastures of Sharon was Shitrai, the Sharonite. And over the herds that were in the valleys was Shaphat, the son of Adlai. 30Over the camels were Obil, the Ishmaelite. And over the donkeys was Jehdeiah, the Meronothite. 31Over the flocks were Jaziz, the Hagerite. All these were the rulers of the property of king David.

32Also, Jonathan, David's uncle, was a scribe a wise man and counselor to David. And Jehiel the son of Hachmoni was responsible for raising the king's sons. 33Ahithophel was also the king's counselor and Hushai the Archite was the king's companion. 34After Ahithophel was Jehoiada the son of Benaiah and Abiathar. And Joab was the general of king David's army.

1st Chronicles: chapter 28

1David assembled all the heads of Israel together; The nobles, the captains over the armies, those who ministered to the king, the stewards over the king's possessions, along with the mighty men of Jerusalem. 2And he said; It was my hearts desire to build a house for the Ark of the Covenant of the LORD, where it could come to rest and where the LORD could permanently dwell and I have even prepared the materials for the building: 3But God said to me; You shall not build a house for My name, because you have been a man of war and have shed blood. 4However the LORD God of Israel has chosen me before all of my father's house to be king over Israel forever. 5Of all my sons, (for the LORD has given me many sons,) the LORD has chosen Solomon my son to sit on the throne of the kingdom of the LORD over Israel. 6And the LORD said to me; Solomon your son shall build My house and My courts, for I have chosen him to be My son and I will be his Father. 7And I will establish his kingdom forever, if he be constant to do My commandments and My judgments, as he currently does.

8Therefore, before all of Israel, the congregation of the LORD and in the presence of our God, seek out and keep all the commandments of the LORD your God. That you may possess this good land and leave it as an inheritance to your children after you, always. 9And my son Solomon, know the God of your father and serve Him with a perfect heart and a willing mind. For the LORD searches all hearts and understands all the imaginations of one's thoughts. But, if you seek Him, you shall find Him, but if you forsake Him, He will cast you off forever. 10Now take heed, for the LORD has chosen you to build a house for the sanctuary, now be strong my son and complete it.

11David then gave to Solomon the complete plans for the house of God. The plans for the porch, the storerooms, the upper chambers and the inner rooms and the place of the Ark of the Covenant and the Mercy Seat, 12David gave all the plans to Solomon that he had received by the Spirit of God. 13David had even planned out the duties of the priests and Levites, all the work of the service of the house of the LORD and the vessels that would be used in the house of the LORD. 14David specified gold and silver by weight for things to be made of gold or silver and for all instruments of every kind of service. 15The weight of every candlestick was determined. 16The weight of every table, along with the table of showbread. 17Pure gold was specified by weight for the forks, the bowls, the cups and all the utensils used. 18And for the altar of incense, refined gold by weight was specified and gold for the pattern of the cherubim, that spread their wings and covered the Ark of the Covenant of the LORD. 19All of these plans are as the LORD specified them to me, as He also made me understand the working of this pattern.

20Therefore, Solomon be strong and courageous and complete the work, do not fear or let your heart be troubled. For the LORD God, even my God, will be with you. He will not fail you nor forsake you, until all the work for the service of the house of the LORD is complete. 21And the priests, Levites and nobles of Israel shall also be with you during all the building of the house of God.

1st Chronicles: chapter 29

1David the king then said to all the assembly; My son Solomon, whom alone God has chosen, is yet young and inexperienced and this work is great. For the house is not for a man, but for the LORD God. 2Now, I have made preparation for the house of my God to be built. Specifying for all the items that are to be built out of gold, silver, brass, iron, wood and all manner of precious stones. 3Moreover, because it has been my desire to build the house for my God, I have given of my treasures of silver and gold, over and above what I have specified for the building of the house. 4I have given three hundred talents of fine gold, seven thousand talents of refined silver, to be used to overlay the walls of the house. 5The gold and silver are to be used for all manner of work to be done by craftsmen, Therefore, who then is willing to dedicate his service this day unto the LORD?

6Then the leaders, nobles captains and rulers of Israel, offered willingly, 7Giving five thousand talents and ten thousand drams of gold, ten thousand talents of silver, eighteen thousand talents of brass and one hundred thousand talents of iron. 8And those who had precious stones gave them into the treasury of the house of the LORD, overseen by Jehiel the Gershonite. 9Then the people rejoiced, for with a perfect heart they had offered willingly to the LORD and David the king also rejoiced with great joy.

10David then blessed the LORD before the entire congregation, saying; Blessed be the LORD God of Israel, of our fathers, forever and ever. 11To You, LORD, belongs all the greatness, power, glory, victory and majesty. For all that is in the heaven and the earth is Yours, the kingdom is Yours LORD and You are exalted as head above all. 12You reign over all and both riches and honor come of You. In Your hand is power and might and it is within Your hand to make great and to give strength to all. 13Therefore, our God, we give You thanks, praising Your glorious name. 14But who are we, that we do give this offering so willingly, for all things are of You and we have simply given back to You. 15For we are strangers and sojourners before You, as were our fathers, our days on this earth are as a shadow, with no hope of enduring. 16Even all the materials that we have prepared for the building of this house to Your holy name, comes of Your hand and is Your own. 17I know that You look upon the heart and take pleasure in righteousness. I have freely offered these things from my heart, as have the people here joyfully and willing offered to You. 18LORD God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, our fathers, may this willing spirit remain in the hearts of Your people forever and prepare their hearts to Yourself. 19Give to Solomon my son a perfect heart, to keep Your commandments, testimonies and statutes and to build the house, for which I have made provision.

20David then instructed the congregation to bless the LORD your God. And all the congregation blessed the LORD God of their fathers, bowing their heads and worshiping their LORD and king. 21And the next day, they offered burnt sacrifices to the LORD, of one thousand bulls, one thousand rams and one thousand lambs, with their required drink offerings, sacrificing for all of Israel. 22On that day the people ate and drank before the LORD, with great gladness. And they made David's son Solomon the king, for the second time, (NOTE: this refers to, Adonijah`s conspiracy to be king ). Anointing him unto the LORD to be the chief governor and Zadok to be his priest.

23Then Solomon sat on the throne of the LORD as king instead of David his father and Solomon prospered and all of Israel obeyed him. 24And all the nobles, rulers and mighty men of king David, submitted to Solomon the king. 25And the LORD made Solomon exceedingly great in the sight of all Israel, giving him such honor as had not been on any king before in Israel.

26Thus Solomon, David's son, also a son of Jesse reigned over all of Israel. 27David had reigned for forty years over Israel, (from 1010 - 970bc.), seven years in Hebron and thirty-three years in Jerusalem. 28And David died in a good old age, satisfied with his days, filled with riches and honor and Solomon his son reigned after him. 29The complete acts of king David, are written in the book of Samuel the prophet, in the book of Nathan the prophet and in the book of Gad the prophet. 30Telling of David's mighty reign and the times of Israel and her influence over all the kingdoms of the other countries.